Driveclub - Update 1.14 is coming tomorrow

Driveclub facebook page:
Alongside lots of new options requested by players the latest DRIVECLUB™ update will add a free new Tour, Multiplayer Replays and one of the most exclusive cars in the world - the Ferrari LaFerrari.

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sigfredod1159d ago

Already grinded a little to reach level 5 accolade with the Ferrari, so i´m ready for my La Ferrari, can´t wait

PANDAB1159d ago

Can you say what tactic you used to level up quickly? (I have been focusing on drifting to rack up points)

sigfredod1159d ago

I grind online with the time trials events since you try to shave seconds on each try, you drive a lot of km before you know it lol

iceman061159d ago

I would say that driving longer courses or repeating shorter ones is probably a faster route to getting to level 5. I had a controller issue which forced me to repeat several races (had to switch my accelerator button) and I reached level 5 within about 25-30 races. Sounds like a lot. But, that was because I didn't have max acceleration and was determined to beat some times.

rezzah1159d ago

I have not reached far enough in the game to use a Ferrari, will I be able to get the La Ferrari when I reach level 5 in the future?

medman1158d ago

Of course my friend....for you, that LaFerrari is the carrot on the end of the stick. Run fast and get level 5.

weirdo1159d ago

i levelled up a long time ago. ready for the la ferrari experience :)

Newmanator1159d ago

"Prepare for the Playstation+ Edition."
So it is coming! I couldn't wait though, but good for those who want to play it.

Back-to-Back1159d ago

Its going to be an E3 announcement.

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mushroomwig1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I'm buying this game next week and I can't wait, the game has come a long way since launch. Nice to see developers supporting it so much.

iceman061159d ago

Got the game a couple of weeks ago, during the GameStop flash sale ($19.99) and I would say that I don't regret it a bit. In fact, I wouldn't be upset if I had paid full price (NOW) for the game. That being said, I can fully understand the ire around the launch (simply because those in race challenges add to the race). I can definitely see this game getting some extra sales post PS+ edition. I am tempted to get the Season Pass just to get some more out of the game (even though I have just really scratched the surface of the game at this point).

poor_cus_of_games1158d ago

You will not be disappointed.

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