The Komplete Story Experience for Mortal Kombat X

Following the release of our Official Review of Mortal Kombat X, myself and fellow editor here on My Games Lounge, Subject Zero are playing the game and loving every second of it. I've been cracking my fair share of bones as well and one thing that stands out to me is the Story mode.

We already know that games developed my NetherRealm have a top Story element to them and that once again has worked very well for me personally in Mortal Kombat X.

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WizzroSupreme1184d ago

Oh, I see what you did there! "Komplete," lol!

axerated1184d ago

Whilst I am a long term MK fan and am loving MKX, I was thoroughly underwhelmed by the story mode. Don't get me wrong it was by no means bad, but I breezed through every fight with little in the way of challenge, there weren't many different stages or set piece/2on1 moments and then it was just sort of over, with my playtime clocking in at just over 4 hours.
I remember MK9 being a good 8-10 hours and having a way more varied set of events and stages, I hope they add more story dlc to make up for this.
At least the online and 1on1 share play functions are amazing!

rezzah1184d ago

Is there individual character stories for arcade mode? I don't own the game yet.

axerated1183d ago

If you do the arcade tower with a character they each have individual endings, which is a nice touch, and ties up some of the loose ends from the campaign