Halo 5: Guardians- New trailer confirms Sanghelios location? Is Agent Locke the main character?

"A new trailer for Halo 5: Guardians has seemingly popped out of no where and it includes a surprising bit of information. "

Gameondaily discusses the latest trailer for the game and offers its thoughts on what was shown.

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Senor_Spidey1184d ago

Wow...just wow... Master chief looks like a pixelated grunt compared to Agent Locke lol

Septic1184d ago

Lool whaa. Be careful there. Locke could end up being the Raiden equivalent from MGS of Halo.

-Foxtrot1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

I think he could be to be honest

Did you watch Nightfall? The series was not the best but I really couldn't get into Agent Locke as a character and this series was supposed to be his background as a character before he's introduced in Halo 5.

I still feel more towards to the Arbiter then Locke despite the fact Arbiter was just included in Halo 2 as a playable character and didn't have his own series like Locke did focusing on his development.

I really hope Locke isn't the main character. I don't mind playing a few levels as him but it's a main Halo game I want to be playing the Chief


Also Cortana better come back.

Septic1184d ago

"Did you watch Nightfall? The series was not the best but I really couldn't get into Agent Locke as a character "

I only watched a tiny bit but yeah, that's what's putting me off Locke at the moment. Still, the live action trailer was pretty good so there is potential.

Elit3Nick1184d ago

Putting that he "the" main character makes it sound like it focuses more on him than anyone else, saying he's "a" main character is more accurate.

breakpad1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

and the hype train starts ...also one question where is Halo??? because i didnt see a Halo game in the trailer ... COD (or titanfall you choose)andvanced -Halofare would be a better title

Septic1184d ago


You're trying too hard

BattleAxe1184d ago

I'm currently playing through Halo2, and at the beginning of the game, there's a guy in blue armor who looks like Locke, and I think he's looking for Master Chief. Is this actually the case, and does this mean that Halo 5 is a continuation of that storyline?

Septic1184d ago

Battleaxe. Yeah it is. For the Anniversary addition they slapped him in there. It looks like he's been watching a few archives of Chief in action.

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mhunterjr1184d ago

Locke just has a much better suit...

TheRedButterfly1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

O'Connor has already said, multiple times, that Chief is still the main protagonist. Bad rumor is bad. That being said, god I'd love to visit Sanghelios. I hope 343 takes us there. :)

Edit: Ahh, well if we're only talking about him being playable, then hell yeah I agree with that. I'm getting a real Halo 2 vibe from everything that's going on. (You know, multiple playable story arcs and whatnot.)

Septic1184d ago

Sorry the article heading isn't that well worded. The article discusses Locke being a playable character.

spicelicka1184d ago

I lovedd how halo 2 handled the story, it got very deep and political, and we got to explore humans and covenant side. The only think it lacked were large scale battles. I would love that with halo 3's epic battles. I still can't believe we haven't been able to fight a scarab since halo 3 (ODST as well) where we fought like 5 of them.

StrayaKNT1184d ago

My most anticipated game this year that trailer shown today was just beyond epic.

hello121184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Ruined by a twat talking about Gamestop DLC .

343 knows how to release a good trailer give them that. Music was perfect and backdrop.

christocolus1184d ago

"Ruined by a twat talking about Gamestop DLC ."

lol. I'm so hyped for this game.

Kingdomcome2471184d ago

Where is this trailer everyone speaks of?

Kingdomcome2471184d ago

Thanks, man. I wasn't able to look it up and watch it on my own at the time. I guess one person disapproves of your helpfulness lol.

1184d ago
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