Guitar Hero Live’s GHTV to Launch With “Hundreds” of Songs “at Minimum”

Activision’s Senior Director of Product Management, Tyler Michaud, has told GameInformer that Guitar Hero Live‘s GHTV will launch with hundreds of songs. “At a minimum, there will be hundreds at launch on day one in GHTV alone,” he said.

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OmegaShen1159d ago

Hundreds? Better question is what are they?

BiggCMan1159d ago

Oh but I guess everyone is ok with the THOUSANDS of songs EA and Harmonix put out for DLC in Rock Band that you need to pay like 2 to 3 dollars for EACH. We're perfectly ok with that, but when Activision tries to do the same for Guitar Hero, all in a single day which is wonderful news, people flip out? Get real. The only way to get that many songs is to pay extra. You cannot make a 60 dollar video game with all of that and expect to make money. But screw logic because evil greedy corporations.

Baka-akaB1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

over the course of 4 games over a decade with a way to keep them ? oh yeah .

Not to mention the amounts of time they added free content , and the way they made it work it to actually buy albums and catalogues over individual songs ? Yes

Gohadouken1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Please . Activision couldnt even be bothered to try keeping songs from one game to the next . And they didnt have the whole "i'm reinventing the whole concept" excuse they got this time around . At every turn RB and Harmonix forced their hands over keeping old songs , material compatibilities , stop using covers instead of actual songs and remasters , features to add , instruments etc ...

Dario_DC1159d ago

40 songs on the retail copy, hundreds in DLC...

pecorre1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I don't know how it will work, but they said GHTV will be free... I still think there is a catch because it's Activision, but if it's true, it's awesome!

OmegaShen1159d ago


Free (in small print- paid members only).

Dario_DC1159d ago

@pecorre yeah that seems good :) I hope you can pick whatever songs you want to play though, not just some songs of the week type thing lol

I really don't like the way they're just focusing on the guitar, I mean, why have a party game without the Mics, Drumms? Kinda misses the point a bit.

pecorre1159d ago

If you take a look on the web site, there is already a link for the songs on Spotify. I could easily see a patership for GTTV. I would not be surprised if you have a basic version where you can play a limited number of songs each days or you can play a song if you watch an add.

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iliimaster1159d ago

i seen this priced at99$ for all systems forget that... ill just buy the old version havnt played since part 2 n been kinda wanting to but not for 99

bondsmx1159d ago

$99 dollars. Game + new guitar.
Not a terrible deal.

mooseo211159d ago

Not bad at all for the game and guitar if true. I'm still expecting it to be around $150.00 or so for the combo.

iliimaster1159d ago

well now t hat you worded it like that..... lol

DarkBlood1159d ago

I hope for ramstein, kizz etc etc but ill get the game anyways last game I played was guitar hero 3