Spartan Locke Showcases Deadly Skills in New Halo 5: Guardians Trailer

Spartan Locke Armor Set Pre-Order Trailer of Halo 5: Guardians.


Second video is the full length video.

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DarkOcelet1096d ago

That trailer was cool.

I just don't get those pre order dlc. Why not just make them available to everyone for buying your damn game? They deserve it too.

Overall Locke looks badass but MC is still Kickass.

Blaze9291096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

so you can only get this armor if you pre order at Gamestop? This is so stupid


@DarkOcelet anything that's more than just a "look" and changes the balance of the game - and only certain people can get it, is whack I agree.

If it's just armor for looks - then it won't matter. Watch em make similar deals with Amazon, Best Buy, etc. Can't pre-order em all lol

DarkOcelet1096d ago

Its not this that piss me off. What pisses me off is those armors gives gameplay enhancement which will give them the edge in mp. Its not fair tbh. And it should be free.

Elit3Nick1096d ago

Armors have no gameplay enhancements in MP, what you see is just a backstory to the armor itself. All the other new armors also have descriptions like this, but they don't actually do anything.

4Sh0w1096d ago

That was pretty damm cool....but I need to see actual gameplay before I go crazy.

nicksetzer11096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

Preorder DLC is truly stupid, escpecially this gen where preordering is no longer a smart choice. (Due to so many broken/low content games) This isn't the only game doing it though. This trailer has really made the single player reveal at e3 (I hope) even harder to wait for now! Looks great.

The preorder DLC that adds special traits that give an advantage are what I hate most though, hope this is not one of those occasions.

3ndulg31096d ago

agreed i wish the master a locke are not rivals .

Fireseed1096d ago

Because Gamestop pays millions of dollars to have an exclusive piece of content so more people pre order through them.

xDHAV0K24x1096d ago

make it mandatory? ppl bitch. make it optional? ppl bitch smh

DarkOcelet1096d ago

I cant see how you are ok with this mate. Its not a good practice and it will never be.

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Angainor71096d ago Show
d_g1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

Spartan Locke looks awesome

christocolus1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

Can Master chief survive this? This guy is a spartan on steroids.

Septic1096d ago

Holy moly! That came outta nowhere.

Imagine if those were in-game visuals...drools. Most likely not but one can wish. The voiceover was rubbish though.

Also, more pre-order rubbish. This was so annoying in Halo 4. Is this now a trend? /facepalm

Hercules1891096d ago

They already spent alot of time and money on the walking dead promo and spending lots more on a preorder promo like this doesnt make sense when its not necessary, most of the preorder promos actually looked pretty bad in the past but it didnt matter because they just wanted to show off cool stuff and it worked. So its probably using ingame assets with improved animations I guess. Plus it doesnt have the same image quality as the blur cinematics so its possible.

proudxgamer1096d ago

Where r u from? When does it matter how a company markets their product to build hype? Lol gamers of this gen....ridiculous! Go complain how America gives me to Egypt or Israel or finance terrorist or spread crack in black communities...

mhunterjr1096d ago

Looks to me like it was pre-rendered, but using a lot of In-game assets...

hello121096d ago

in game visuals inengine cinematic you mean? I don't think its impossible at all.

Know why this is gameplay of any sort if it was jeez x box 1 power is greatly underestimated.

I don't think PS4 and x box 1 together be powerful enough to have those type of visuals with gameplay.

Its a nice cinematic to get fans excited for the game.

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