IBTimes UK: Axiom Verge creator Tom Happ on solo development, upcoming PC version & sequels

Axiom Verge would be an impressive video game even if it were made by a team of 30, so for one person to have designed, developed and scored every facet of it simply makes this indie sci-fi one of more incredible feats in gaming for years.

Released in late March, Axiom Verge is a "retro-styled action-adventure game about exploration", said Tom Happ, the man responsible for its creation. "You explore the world, discover lots of hidden weapons, power-ups, and other important information – as well as dealing with lots of different enemies from small bugs to enormous bosses," he added.

IBTimes UK spoke to Happ about the game's initial success, what is good and bad about developing alone, and what is next for him.

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