ZTGD | Tower of Guns Review

Justin Celani writes: Hearing the title of the game, folks might think that this is a balls to the wall action game. I mean a tower of guns? Sign me up! Yet what we have here is a game that takes the idea of rogue elements and first person shooting and combines the two. Unfortunately it’s left a sour taste in my mouth that had me wanting so much more.

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Dudebro901132d ago

3? Come on, I've played this and its not a 3. Give me a break.

pivotplease1132d ago

It's pretty bad, but if I were a professional reviewer the game would be just under a 6.

1 is pretty much the worst game ever. 2 has the tiniest bit of merit tacked onto what was almost the worst game ever. 3 through 5 are either just flat out terrible or hall of fame level glitchfests. 6 reaches into the subpar game category. 7 is about average with nothing outstanding but can still be fun in many ways. 8 is a good game. 9 is an excellent game that succeeds in almost every way possible. 10 is a masterpiece that more than succeeds in most areas and it's flaws tend to be negligible compared to its overwhelming pros.

iSuperSaiyanGod1131d ago

Guess you haven't played superman 64