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Gareth writes "It’s just past midnight and I am settling down to play Slender The Arrival. Ten minutes later and I find myself slightly sweaty with goose bumps appearing all over my legs and arms. Five minutes more and I am now frowning heavily, while feeling very scared, looking behind me, glancing out of the window nervously and jumping suddenly, even through I know it’s just a game. Repeat, it’s just a game. I’m now running through the woods, with just a flashlight and a video camera. I’m hearing whispering to my left, the screen distorts and a low level disturbing drone gets louder and more disturbing. The world flips over and over and then he appears behind me, I can’t go any further, I am trapped as his arms become tentacles and the screen goes black. The Slender Man has arrived."

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oKidUKo915d ago

Too scary for me, I'll stick to the more light hearted games..

neil363915d ago

Although I eventually enjoyed it, I was scared stupid by Outlast.

Don't think I stand a chance with this one.

Brotard915d ago

You guys should play amnesia the dark descent it's a light hearted horrer game, that doesn't take it self too seriously! It's quite fun!

KyRo915d ago

I bought Slender Thr Arrival but after Outlast I just couldn't get into it. I really can't wait for Outlast 2.

coolbeans915d ago

That's quite similar to my own experience, but I still don't think I would've gotten into The Arrival even if I didn't play Outlast.

It's built upon a sub-par foundation.