Amiibos discounted to as little as £7.99

Dealspwn Reports: Missing any Amiibo figurines? Now, You have the opportunity to pick those few you are still to pick up for as little as £7.99!

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Blues Cowboy1188d ago

My mind says no. My wallet says no.

But my inner child says YES YES. Great price too, nice that they've got some in stock and aren't trying to chisel us!

bggriffiths1188d ago

There are some sweet prices here, especially given many of the scalpers on eBay are charging £20. £7.99 should be the RRP for these tbh. That said, people are throwing their cash at them whatever the price. £19.85 for a Woolly Yoshi at ST the other day. Shocking. You deserve to be beaten with a bar of soap in a sock if you pay that much