PS4 MMO Wander Running @ 1080P/30, Will Release In Late April/Early May

The developers of CryEngine powered non-combat MMO Wander confirmed that it runs @ 1080P/30 on PS4. Release is scheduled in a few weeks.

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vishmarx1063d ago

thanks for letting us know.
its highly relevant to this article

Brotard1063d ago

Along relevance he also decided to go with originality as well!

Either way excited to see what this beauty is about, since I know next to nothing about it. Looks like it could end up pretty lack luster, we will see

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Two-Face1063d ago

I don't know how this is considered trolling, since the PC version is coming out also. And there is a "PC" tag also. He just said he prefer the PC version, you guys are good on overreacting.

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Snookies121062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

I kind of agree, most MMOs just inherently work better with a PC setup. However, it is nice that this is an option. I might check it out at some point to see how it looks.

Imp0ssibl31063d ago

This game looks really beautiful, but I fear it will be boring to play...

Mostafeto1063d ago

I think not if they implement a lot of stuff to do in its world or renew its content regularly it won't be it might be the new SKyrim Online but in an island haha

Alexious1063d ago

Thing is, I'm struggling to even think of a lot of content that doesn't involve combat in any way.

Brotard1063d ago

@alexious that's why someone else is developing this then and not you ;p but really it might suffer from a lack of content and no combat is huge.

Omnisonne1063d ago

Hmm Journey did the passive cooperative online thing very well. If this game will have similar interactions, it might be pretty fun.

Though Journey had a strong focus and set goal, and wasnt open like Wander is. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out nonetheless

l33t_haxx0r1063d ago

So a game about wandering around? r e a l l y? I see this not being very popular tbh, is it free to play? I may try it but I don't think it would keep interest for that long.

MasterCornholio1063d ago

Well I'm glad that they are trying something new. It may work or it may not but at least its something new.

l33t_haxx0r1063d ago

Yes, I agree at least it is something new, I have my doubts but that's just my personal opinion. Not every game is for everyone.

Insomnia_841063d ago

I agree with you there. I can see these exploration games being better experienced with VR. It's the first thing that came to my mind. I would buy every exploration game for Morpheus without a doubt!

MasterCornholio1063d ago

I have my doubt's as well even with No Mans Sky. But hopefully it works out because I love playing new types of games.


Pikminmaniac1062d ago

So is No Man's Sky and the hype train is up! People think it's unique and can't wait to play. So when this game comes along, people say it's boring and uninteresting. Yes, slow paced exploration with little combat might not be for everyone. Games can pull it off though, we'll have to see when it releases.

MasterCornholio1063d ago

Nice that its coming so soon.


S2Killinit1063d ago

Unique yes, good, we will see.

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The story is too old to be commented.