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GamerKnights has published their in depth review of the new fighting game Mortal Kombat X.

According to their reviewer, this might just be Netherrealm's best Mortal Kombat game ever!
Here's more:

"MKX plays brilliantly – its combat is fast and fluid and bone-crunchingly disgusting at all times. X-ray moves and kombo breakers return, making sure the violence is always moving along at a swift pace and that there’s always options for fighters who are backed into a corner. Matches are tense affairs whether you’re battling against friends on a couch or playing strangers online, and I can’t wait to make this game part of my regular party rotation and disgust all my guests with the horrific new fatalities."

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Septic1007d ago

Good review. The story mode didn't resonate with me as much as 9 but others seem to like it so hey, shrugs.

I wanna play this now aargh. Monday MK blues.

1007d ago
GamerKnights1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

We believe this is the best fighting game NetherRealms ever made, however MK 1 is still so funny and good :)

WizzroSupreme1007d ago

I love that NetherRealm upped their game with their online this time – I've never liked the series' previous multiplayers, but MK Xis are sweet. Great review.