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GR-UK writes: "We're hopeful that as we get better, and when playing with a full cohort, these boss battles will be more manageable (if they're not, then we'll most certainly start complaining a bit more loudly). Having said all that, you might want a stern challenge from your boss battles, and Killing Floor 2 most certainly delivers in this respect. In fact, the Early Access build of Tripwire's co-op shooter delivered in nearly all respects. It looks wonderful, it feels great, and it has all the hallmarks of a game being made by a studio at the height of their powers."

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nucky641133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

although it's listed only for pc (above), the article says it's coming to ps4 - if so, I may give it a try.....sure looks like fun.

mrcreosote1132d ago

It is definitely coming to PS4.

nucky641132d ago

thanks for the info - I did some looking and was pleased to see it was