GOG Customer Service Argues with Customer Over Pillars of Eternity’s “Transphobic” Joke

CraveOnline: "There’s one surefire way to lose your job in customer service, and that’s arguing with a customer. We all know that the customer isn’t always right, but that’s the belief that the vast majority of companies like to uphold. Unfortunately, this customer service representative for PC game distribution service found it appropriate to hold a debate with one of its customers regarding what they should/shouldn’t find offensive, and the results were odd to say the least."

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Feralkitsune1219d ago

This is seriously a case of someone getting mad that someone had a different opinion than them and getting them fired. Fire someone who's did their job just because they actually talked to you as if you're a human.

CowbopBeboy1219d ago

It's not the job of customer service workers to question and debate the opinions of customers. That's not their job description.

Feralkitsune1219d ago

Sure, but this was a major over reaction. The customer was way over reacting.

CowbopBeboy1219d ago

I don't think it's an overreaction. The customer was treated very weirdly and unprofessionally by an online company, so they posted their experience online. This kind of thing helps ensure that situations like this don't happen again.