Rare's secret project a 'career highlight' for departed Phil Harrison

The secret project being worked on at Rare is considered a "career highlight" for the recently departed Phil Harrison, who oversaw Microsoft's UK development teams.

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lifeisgamesok1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

This will be a big year for Rare according to Phil Spencer

Rare is going to shine with Banjo or Battletoads

Thanks for the help Mr. Harrison and good luck with the new technology endeavor

Brotard1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

So this guy left Microsoft but still shamelessly promoting rare? Maybe he isn't off the payroll yet? Lol but really I just love when execs go "we have this super fucking awesome game, I am 100% sure it will be your favorite game of all time bar none, but we aren't going to show it to you for quite some time".

Yup thanks for the news guys! Lol

Interested to see what rare is up to, not cause some executive of the company says something but because of legacy alone

Multiplatguy1035d ago

If you oversaw a game project then you would still be proud of it, even after you left the company. It doesn't mean you're still on a payroll... Don't be so ignorant.

Brotard1035d ago


I've been at the front of long engeneering projects before and I know what it is to be proud of something, I was obviously joking about him
Being on payroll. What my message was really saying was that I'm quite salty at how pointless a lot of game journalism is. Especially what they call news,

DougLord1035d ago

Actually it might be both, they are known to be releasing 2 games this year.

christocolus1035d ago

Yeah, they are working on multiple projects but I think we will be seeing one of them this year.

Manic20141035d ago

Not confirmed both will be this year, but suggesting from the Rare composer's tweet, this will be a big year for Rare.

OrangePowerz1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

We shall see, I think Home was also a career highlight for him. :)

Kribwalker1035d ago

I don't think he said that. Actually he didn't say that. What's interesting is he is still working with MS with his new start up tech company, so he obviously left on great terms

OrangePowerz1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

I didn't say he left on bad terms, but in that past he made very odd choices in what he supported and deemed great. Home was his pet project.

We need to see what Rare has come up with. They had been absent for a very long when it comes to non Kinect games.

christocolus1035d ago

Can't wait to see what lionhead and rare are working on next also im surprised about this

“He will, however, still have ties with Microsoft with his
new start-up Alloy Platform Industries, a business
working with cutting edge tech including some from
"We're in stealth mode at the moment, we'll stay in
stealth mode for a while," Harrison told GI. "It's very
exciting, and something I've been planning for a little
over a year, in full consultation and collaboration with
Microsoft, specifically with Phil Spencer. I'm taking a
plunge into the start-up pool."


OpieWinston1035d ago

Since Fable Legends will be a long term project I'm sure we'll always be seeing them have an E3/Gamescom pressence announcing Heroes/Quests/Units/Etc... But Lionheads new IP project probably won't be announced for a year or two.

We all expect to see something of Rare at E3 and hopefully see that Mayles touch XD.

The fact that Harisson hasn't burned any bridges and is willing to step down from a big job to a startup company must mean he's confident.

christocolus1035d ago

Yup you're definitely right about fable legends.,its a game that will keep getting support for a long long time. There were rumors about a game “Eden Falls“ the rumors were linked to lift then later another rumor linked the project to Link&lionhead. Do you think that's the project Phil is talking about?cos lionhead has also been working on one “project dimitri” for a while now. I'm just excited can't wait to see what they have in store.

OpieWinston1035d ago

I think Harisson is probably working on something gaming related for Studios... Could be an inhouse engine project or another project like you said. But now I'm really interested.

StrayaKNT1034d ago

Can't wait to see what rare has put together.