GTA V on PC launch day: what’s new and what’s better

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is finally out today, but what has actually changed and is it really the definitive version?

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Dee_911216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Man i was hoping The Lab would come to consoles. Radio station hosted by the alc?! I need it!

ironmonkey1216d ago

if you like memory leaks stutters and crashing you will like pc version.

Khajiit861216d ago

If you like really bad trolling comments you will love ironmonkey

Audiggity1216d ago

To the fools above... have you even played it on PC?

It is unbelievably stable. Nearly every issue with launching the game is user-error or related to Steam. The only issues I've been able to see thus far are some problems with Rockstar Social Club and being able to connect/invite with friends. This also happened on the console versions and it was remedied.

If you have issues running it, you probably shouldn't have purchased the PC version. The system requirements were pretty darn forgiving.

As for the replay editor?

Try that on the PS4/XBone (I own both consoles btw and they are great)

richyque1216d ago

This version wont even outsell the "peasant" console ps4 version i guarantee it.