Season Pass Schemes Are Ruining Gaming

VR World's gaming editor Derek Strickland discusses how season pass monetization schemes are ruining video games, and outlines some startling new trends in games like Destiny, Mortal Kombat X, and Evolve.

"In today’s market with microtransactions and timed exclusives, DLC is just another way for publishers to charge users for more content. DLC has been modeled in the current AAA formula, and in some ways publishers are cooking up wallet-crushing schemes for optimum profits.

"When you buy a new AAA game, you’re rarely actually buying the whole experience. You’re only buying what I like to call the “starter kit”, a $64 disc or digital download that acts as the unfinished core to a game. To get the full scope you’ll have to snag the extra bits of overpriced add-on content locked behind paywalls."

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randomguy351159d ago

Damn right it is. Now these companies want you to buy the season pass then charge you for extra content beyond that wtf. Although I'm really enjoying MKX I really miss the days when I played the series and unlocked new fighters thru playing the game. It's a big let down to see that its no secret characters in the game and that everyone is usable from the start. Mortal Kombat games in the past are known for secret fighters not buying characters.

SliceOfTruth8881159d ago

Games are getting more expensive to make so instead of raising the price to 89.99 a game they figured out a way to get more income without having to raise the initial price which would turn away a majority of buyers....the gaming community needs to actually think about things for once

MilkMan1159d ago

LOL, is this something you all figured out now?!

OmegaShen1159d ago

Season Pass are ok if not over done like DOA LR with a price in the 100's.

GameSpawn1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Exactly. Not all season passes are created equal. At least the season pass is available for most games for a few months after launch so if you really do enjoy the game you can invest in the season pass to save some money on all the DLC.

Probably the BEST Season Pass buy I have ever done was the one for DriveClub. I already knew from other Evolution games (MotorStorm) that they were going to have droves of DLC in the form of events, cars, and liveries so it was a no-brainer to get at 75% off the final retail price of all the content getting the Season Pass. On top of that because of PS+ I already got $10 off the digital version at launch ($20 less than retail) so the season pass effectively was paid for with all the savings (versus retail).

Other games are extremely poor when it comes to season passes and DoA:LR is the bastion of all of them. The DoA season pass is just digital sodomy. Thank god you have the right to just not buy the season pass at all and the game is still plenty playable without it, but it is a loss of a bevy of content albeit cosmetic as it is (though as a remaster most of it should have been included much like WB did with Injustice).

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