Disney Infinity 3.0: leaked images show Mickey Mouse, Mulan and Inside Out’s figures

In the week-end first images of characters and figures from Disney Infinity 3.0 appeared on the Internet: Mickey Mouse, Mulan and Inside Out’s figures are the Disney Originals included in the lineup?

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MM4nson1156d ago

Great design for both! :)

FeliceDiGi1156d ago

Can't wait to see the Star Wars' figures :D

boyscout_1156d ago

Those are going to be amazing...

nikrel1156d ago

Just showed my daughter Mulan, shes excited.

HexxedAvenger1156d ago

Does this mean no more marvel?
Still waiting on Gizmo Duck and Darkwing lol

I also hope for Gargoyles and Chip&Dale

sarshelyam1156d ago

Probably not. D3.0's focus has been heavily rumored by John Vignocchi as Star Wars...

"2015 is not so far, far away anymore, is it?" - JV

I doubt there's much room left for any other big properties outside of Toy Box offerings like the recent leak detailed.

WizzroSupreme1156d ago

I really want that Mulan figurine.

ruefrak1156d ago

It's a bit surprising to see so many characters from Inside Out. There had probably be a playset to go along with them.

I'm now curious to see what else they have planned. DI 2.0 went too heavy with the Marvel stuff and I think it alienated a number of players. Hopefully the playsets this time around are a little more diversified.

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