The Difference is Huge in GTA V PC Graphics Settings From 'Normal to Very High' in These Screenshots

If you were wondering how much visual difference was there from setting Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC from Normal to Very High than we have some screenshots and a comparison video.....

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Ghoul1127d ago

What a bad attention grabbing headline

Quote from the original

"As usual the difference between high and ultra is so little you have to wonder if it's worth the extra load"

kraenk121127d ago

that's why the headline is talking about normal to very high.

AudioEppa1127d ago

Well.. I guess this will be a slow news week 😕

Scrivlar1127d ago

All this shit about graphics, textures, and frame rates this gen. I can hardly tell the difference most of the time.

dRanzer1127d ago

in frame rate you can sure see the difference,when its 30vs60 or more then that when the fps drops to 24,in my point of view,the fps drops arms the gameplay,so its not a tech problem,its gameplay problem

Scrivlar1127d ago

Swear on my life if you gave me a game and asked me if it was 30 or 60 fps I wouldn't be able to tell you.

Mega241127d ago

Sir, you might have eye problems, or a shitty TV/monitor setup.

Scrivlar1127d ago

Possibly. Either way it doesn't really matter as long as the games solid. Dark Souls being one of my favourites for example.

Moldiver1127d ago

Im almost tempted to get this game again for PC, but I already played it on X360 and own it on X1. I dont think I have a enough interest to go through it all a third time. But man, those visuals are crisp! And the foilage levels on ultra are insane. I dont even think I seen linear console games pack that much density into its foilage. This is the kind of visuals we should have been getting from X1 and PS4.....*sighs*

Mega241127d ago

I feel the same way, the temptation to get it a third time is too damn high!

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