GTA V PC: Graphics Settings Comparison For All Settings

We won’t run down each graphics setting here, but if you wanted to cut to the chase, read on below.

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elhebbo161066d ago

What an amazing port, Rockstar really out done themselves with this one.

Perjoss1066d ago

After the terrible port of GTA4 this was the right thing to do, they did a fantastic job.

antikbaka1066d ago

It's a good one for sure, and only shadow's quality can decrease fps much. But still those who has graphic card with less than 4 Gb can suffer pretty much

Immorals1066d ago

Forgot just how beautiful this game can be!

Eyesoftheraven1066d ago

Grass and Post process settings past "High" are ruthless - they eat frames faster than Sony's Fat Princess eats cake.