MGS V: The Phantom Pain ‘Doctor’ Looks Identical to Head Transplant Doctor; Kojimadence?

A thread has errupted on the Neogaf forums about 'The Doctor' from MGS V: The Phantom Pain that was introduced in July 2013 and Italian head transplant doctor Sergio Canavero. Both 'doctors' seems look nearly identical and there might be more connections between the two.

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DarkOcelet1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Just read about this yesterday. And i was like 'How the hell couldn't i notice this?'

If this is a marketing strategy by Kojima then my mind is blown. This is one of the most genius/dangerous things i have ever seen.

If its not a marketing and a mere coincidence in which all the evidence doesn't say that, then Kojima is from the future!

I think MGSV will seriously be the most Mind**** game we will ever play this gen.

BartMoons1131d ago

The resemblances seem to add up and I was blown away after reading it. Had to read it all over again to truly understand.

DarkOcelet1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Yeah and that book of his...

The Big Chill... The Big Shell

Heaven... Outer Heaven

Clone!... Twin Snakes/Solidus

It cant be a coincidence and kudos to who ever found this. Also i saw the speech he gave at TEDx, the doctor had some serious biceps. Scientists usually don't have time to work out so its a real WTF!

morganfell1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

It isn't marketing. The doctor has even appeared at at Ted Talks.

EDIT: Dark called it first.

Syntax-Error1130d ago

Kojima does it again with his COINCIDENCE bullsh*t! When asked about Solid Snake years ago and the resemblance to Kurt Russell or the character from Escape From New York (Snake Plisken)....HE SAID THE EXACT SAME THING so he wouldn't be sued or have to pay royalties. Like I said before, he's an assh*le and I know why he was fired. I remember reading how he used to treat his team back in the day. You people praise him for his One Hit Wonder, but neglect to know the real Kojima. How easily impressed you are

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BartMoons1131d ago

Did you ever consider the connection between the title 'The Phantom Pain' and Snake's artificial arm? "Phantom pain sensations are described as perceptions that an individual experiences relating to a limb or an organ that is not physically part of the body"

DarkOcelet1131d ago

Hmmmm, that could very well be true. If BB is one of the two Phantoms born from FOX then who is the other one? Kaz didnt have any mechanical limbs in his body after his hand and leg were removed.

And that Head transplant theory makes me think the BB had a head transplant to another body.

Also Ishmael having the same voice as BB is fishy too, could he really be Solidus?

If you notice in the 2012 Phantom Pain trailer there was a part where they were in the hospital and they leaned against the window and a helicopter flew by them, Big boss stood up to see whats happening but then Ishmael pressed him down. Big boss know better than to do something stupid like that when he knows someone wants him dead and actually thought 'Big Boss is smarter than do something like that'

And he was riding the horse with Ocelot in 2013 gameplay, Ocelot tells him ' You are a legend in the eyes of those who lived in the battlefield'. Big Boss already knows that so why tell him?

And when Ocelot name came up in the trailer, it was written 'A rival living a lie'. It made me realize he could actually think he is aiding the BB when in truth, he is not and he doesnt know that.

Too many questions, Damn you Kojima Troll san!

KwietStorm1131d ago

Figured that was understood from the games announcement.

Dirtnapstor1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Remember the interviews with the guy in the head wrap, pre-GZ?! I love how things fall in place Kojima style.

deadpoolio3161131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Oh jesus..Nobody on the planet can possibly be that stupid to actually think the entire thing with this doctor is some type of marketing plan...There is no connection with The Big Chill, its literally a real novel there is no second meaning...Its FACTUAL LITERATURE

I think I have no faith in humanity if this is the case, we have truly become Idiocracy...This is not some marketing plan, that doctor isn't in some elaborate viral marketing campaign with Konami...Its literally a coincidence thats it.....

The dude is real, there are no signs pointing this towards some scheme, jesus Kojima fanboys are really insane, truly insane....Maybe its time to start euthanizing people for their own protection

wck1131d ago

@deadpoolio316 Agreed. the 2 images being compared don't look like the exact same face. The Kojima fanboys pretending like it absolutely has to be the same person are overreacting.

If there's a plan to kill Metal Gear fans, it has my vote. At least sterilize them so they can't pass on their stupidity to a new generation.

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Nyxus1131d ago

It's most likely a coincidence. Apparently the doctor in MGSV was modeled after British actor Ian Moore, and Dr Sergio Canavero already denied his involvement in the game.

DarkOcelet1131d ago

Just like Kojima said MGS3 was his last game. Do you actually believe their trolling Nyxus? Kojima is a master troll.

And that scientist body was ripped and his biceps were huge. Are you telling me you actually believe a scientist can have time to work out?

Nyxus1131d ago

Wait, are you suggesting the entire identity of this doctor Canavero is fake?

Sashamaz1131d ago

Are you telling me scientists only live for work and no exercise whatsoever? I find the argument on his physic to be weak and honestly quite offensive as if to say if you are a scientist then you are some kind of weak shit.

elninels1131d ago

If he's been fit his whole life it really isn't that hard to maintain. My father is a recently retired principal that spent 12hrs a day doing school related work. He hasn't worked out in the traditional sense in at least 20 years and he still has crazy calves.

I on the other hand work at it and still have chicken legs.

Danteh1131d ago

Are you stupid DarkOcelet? WTF? I'm a scientist myself and obviously I have time to workout, in fact I'm what you'd consider an amateur athlete (I do around 5 different sports, including swimming, climbing and skiing). Although lab work can be really absrobing, we are not mindless drones who only work.

In fact, given that I know how fucked up a sedentary life can leave your body (even at a molecular level), I live by my motto: "mens sana in corpore sano".

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BartMoons1131d ago

Might be a coincident. Fact is that Kojima is a master-troll and a genius at making connections that don't seem to mean anything at first.

DarkOcelet1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

I am pretty sure Decoy Octopus will play a part in this game.

The scientist look evil as hell lol.

Also i noticed two things when i rewatched all the trailers.

Kaz says ' My arms, my fingers, 'The body i have lost!'

And then Big boss has this picture.

Why did they show his face only? And his body in skeleton form??

Did they put Snake in Kaz's body or something?

BiggerBoss1131d ago

Im all for conspiracy theories, but you guys are getting pretty out there lol.

Gatsu1131d ago

I believe it's a coincidence too, although Kojima has the habit of fooling fans. But Ian looks similar to TPP doc :).

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mpx1131d ago

We already have this news!

Conclusion: Doctor Sergio Canavero revealed that there is no official connection between him and Konami. At the moment he will contact the attorneys and take legal action against Konami!

Sashamaz1131d ago

Obviously wont admit anything if it will ruin the viral campaign. The look the glasses the facial hair even the profession are all %100 on point and similar, that's one major coincidence.

Nyxus1131d ago

But what about the fact that he also looks a lot like Ian Moore (the actor he was supposedly modeled after).

The doctor in MGSV:

Ian Moore:

Sashamaz1131d ago

@Nyxus Yeah, that just makes it harder. With the things happening at Konami I guess many people would like be believe it's a campaign of some kind. I've been trying to find some history on DR Sergio Canavero, like he is practically a phantom.

pyroxxx1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

he should ,.. Kojima production is known for plagiarizing shit and borrowing things willy nilly ,.. They aren't very concerned about origins of Ideas etc,.. Remember MGS2 theme ,..

Nothing bad about that,.. it is art,.. Kojima borrows from everywhere,.. philosophy,theology,.. etc

redey31131d ago

Ooh, you spend your only bubble on such a pathetic comment, didn't you?

mad-dog1131d ago

He doesn't look exactly the same, so i was surprised people actually think that.. but i can see similarities.. bald, glasses, etc.

MasterCornholio1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

He looks a bit different in my opinion.

d_g1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

couldn't disagree more

Even he has the same nose

texore1131d ago

Isn't that Ian Moore? That's who the character was modeled after.

mad-dog1131d ago

That's the actor, not the doctor.

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