Mortal Kombat X Review – Let’s Do Some Gratuitous Violence | GamingBolt

GB:"Like any young boy of the late ‘80s or early 90s, I grew up in the arcade, and as anyone who spent time in an arcade knows, that meant I played a lot of fighting games. There were a ton of them, but only two really mattered, at least in the 2D space: Capcom’s Street Fighter, and Midway’s Mortal Kombat. In those days, you were either a Mortal Kombat guy, or a Street Fighter guy. Don’t get me wrong, I dumped quarters into Street Fighter like there was no tomorrow, but I was a Mortal Kombat fan at heart. There was nothing else like it. People crowded around the machines, always waiting for that one guy who knew how to do all the Fatalities. Mortal Kombat, to put it bluntly, was hype."

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