The IGEA Top Ten Chart powered by NPD - Australia Week 15 Charts

Battlefield Hardline claims its third number one in four weeks.

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MRMagoo1231157d ago

Nice to see bloodborne selling well over here in Australia, I dont plan on getting it becuase its not my kind of game but I am glad it has been very successful.

Geobros1157d ago

This was the second week of Bloodborne in AUS. In first week had better place in top list:

bouzebbal1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

could you elaborate some more on this?
I read you post a couple times and i dont get it. how can you be happy that a game from a genre you don't like is successful? You mean you are happy that the development team got their bonuses? how?

I am happy it's successful because i loved the game and that can mean that a sequel is in the pipeline.

MRMagoo1231156d ago

Not that it matters at all whether you understand what I mean or not I will try to explain I guess.

I mean I am happy its successful, I dont see how it matters if I like the game or not, I like the fact that the game has sold well for a new exclusive and I think the team deserve the sales. I am also glad it sold well because a lot of ppl do seem to like it and therefore they should get another game out of it which is good for gamers in general.

The way you make it seem as if, if I get no benefit I should not be happy for anyone else. Which makes no sense to me, so I guess we are even.