Mortal Kombat X enjoys biggest ever launch for a Mortal Kombat game in UK - UK Charts

Mortal Kombat X enjoyed the series' biggest ever launch in the UK.

NetherRealm's gory fighting game debuted at number one in this week's chart, scoring the second biggest launch of the year so far behind Battlefield Hardline.

61 per cent of physical sales went to the PlayStation 4 version, Chart-Track reports, with 38 per cent on Xbox One and one per cent on PC. As always, it's worth noting that Chart-Track's data does not include downloads, so sales of MKX on Steam, for example, were not counted.


Here is the link for individual formats as there is no on Eurogamer article:

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greenmiker1186d ago

Great launch for Mortal Kombat in UK. I suppose the numbers are good for all Europe.

Haru1186d ago

PS4 version sold more than xbone and pc combined

Sitdown1186d ago

Interesting.... The article said Chart-Track does not include downloads, but somehow you were able to obtain them so that you could boast your fact.

harrisk9541186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

He's right though... The math is pretty clear that the PS4 physical copy sales was 23% more than the XB1 version and 60% more than the PC version (for a total of 22% more than the PC and XB1 combined). Even if you add in digital dowloads, how can the PS4 not have sold more than the XB1 and PC combined? All three platforms had the game digitally, so even if the PC version and XB1 digital versions outsold the PS4 digital version (we don't know that it did --- it might not have or it might have), the PC and/or XB1 would have had to sell A LOT of digital downloads to come close to making up the difference.

EDIT: We don't know, but if the PS4 version did not sell more than the PC and XB1 combined for all versions, then it sure came damn close to doing so, which is a crazy accomplishment.

Plus, I would qualify Haru's post to say that based upon this article and the physical copy sales, his statement is completely true. He commented on this article, not a general comment about digital and physical sales based upon information that we do not have. People get so defensive when their platform of choice isn't winning something.

Sitdown1186d ago

Based on the article, they clearly made it a point to remind people that download numbers were not included. And since exact figures were not given, you don't know the ratio. Again, this just highlights physical copies, not all purchases. You say people get defensive, but look at who posted the wall of text. Funny how people default to the console of choice argument when they really don't have a valid point and/or know a person's gaming situation.

slappy5081186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I'm that one percent on PC :o
Though most of the PC users would've got it through steam. Just a warning to anyone planning to get a physical release for PC: don't. It installs 3 GB from the disc then for some reason you have to download the other 30Gb taken me 2 days over my crappy internet.

--bienio--1186d ago

No bad for GtaV on Pc, second place plus top on steam.. So let say at least 5mil copy sold???

mafiahajeri1186d ago

They should ditch injustice and keep making mortal kombat games.

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