Have video game reviews become irrelevant?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Reviewing new games has been a central function of games media almost since conception, but if they count for so little in the minds of the consumers, is there still value in doing them?"

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Sillicur1068d ago

I still value a good review. (that does not contain spoilers). Before buying a game i generally read a few reviews from some of my favorite authors.

CongoKyle1068d ago

I still look at written and video reviews before I start a game. Very much still relevant.

plut0nash1068d ago

I like both video and written reviews. I find that reading multiple opinions gives me a good idea of whether i may or may not enjoy a game.

plut0nash1068d ago

I found that reading game reviews of titles I've never played gives me an idea whether a game may or may not be something I'd play.