Heroes of the Storm Open Beta to start tomorrow?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Blizzard is teasing an announcement for Heroes of the Storm tomorrow. All evidence so far suggests that the announcment could be the start of the Open Beta."

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HoldenZA1185d ago

I enjoyed my time with Heroes of the Storm but it just doesn't compare to the two big MOBA's at the moment IMO.

But it is only the Beta.....

Sillicur1185d ago

I think it can and yes, only beta atm :) Thing is, its different enough from other MOBAs atm. The big two, LoL and Dota 2 will stay on top most likely, but i think HotS will be successful and have a place!

SonZeRo1185d ago

I was under the impression that open beta started already as they were handing out keys to everyone and their aunt.

Sillicur1185d ago

Hahah! It might seem as if there are a lot of giveaways for keys, but every time a giveaway for the keys happen there are still so many people trying to get them. The MOBA genre is so big that millions might be trying to get in, especially since its a blizzard game

Sillicur1185d ago

Indeed! Im still enjoying the game so much atm! something different between my Dota 2 sessions. Well worth it to check the game out.

Sillicur1185d ago

Indeed! its been so long :) Cant wait!!!