TGA's The Geek Life Ep4 Mass Effect 4 To Get Raids and Sony Pictures want to do a Smash Bros Movie

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poppinslops1131d ago

I'd love a 'Vampire Hunter D' game... it'd make an awesome RPG - like a sci-fi/apocalypic version of The Witcher.

Speaking of RPGs, these Mass Effect rumors are ridiculous... as in flat-out dumb.
A different galaxy in the same timeline? Makes no sense... none of the Mass Effect species would be there.

I figure the Reapers were a 'test' - and the Milky Way passed... odds are they operated in other galaxies (their 'cycle' would be meaningless if they didn't), thus I'd expect their leaders/creators/gods would have noticed the galaxy that somehow united to 'defeat' their squiddy kill-bots.

They'd realise that the ME Relays were down, isolating the various species and their star systems... there would be humans 'marooned' on Asari worlds, Salarians stuck in Krogan space - all sorts of wierd and wonderful situations waiting for a species with FTL capabilities to find 'em - but will it be us or 'them'?
I reckon it'll be set roughly 100 years after the trilogy... Humanity will either develop a proper FTL engine (which would open up a lot of new locations) or somebody (human/alien/evil overlord) will find a way to rebuild/reactivate the relays (the Citadel shoulds till be parked above Earth, with the Prothean's Conduit relay).
You'll lead a voyage to reestablish contact with the various Citadel species... things will go wrong.

The previous titles referenced mysterious UFOs, dying stars, dark energy and all manner of phenomena 'unrelated' to the Reapers... Bioware have invested too much into their version of the Milky Way to simply abandon it.
I'm not saying they won't travel to other galaxies... I'm saying the Milky Way will still be the primary setting.

thegamingadvisory211130d ago

It should stay in the Milky Way Galaxy and should not be going at the same time as Mass Effect 3. the info that was leaked does look promising though