Want To Be A Pro Gamer? Let Former Pro Gamer Michael “Strongside” Cavanagh Tell You How

A few weeks back, after interviewing Frank O’Connor at the EGL “Battle for Europe” in the Halo Championship in fact, we managed to have a sit down with Michael “Strongside” Cavanagh, a former pro gamer.

Cavanagh, who now works for 343 Industries developing Halo 5, up until recently had been one of the big names on the Halo eSports scene. We decided to ask him about his own experiences with breaking not only into the eSports scene, but the games industry in general, as well as asking Strongside to offer some advice to wannabe pro gamers out there.

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AudioEppa1041d ago

I think MLG would benefit from being on playstation again an not just xbox and pc.

I hope sony makes some deals in the future, because why shouldn't ps gamers not get a chance to be a pro player?

TheRedButterfly1040d ago

"...because why shouldn't ps gamers not get a chance to be a pro player?"

It's not that anyone /shouldn't/ get the chance, it's just that Sony's platform/IP doesn't offer any real excuse for PS to join competitive e-sports. There's no reason to "over-crowd" the market with another console to play third-party games on -- which would only subdivide the competition even more -- and there's no first-part IP to justify having the PS at the table.

The only reason that Xbox gets a seat is because of Halo. Were it just COD and whatnot, ignoring the fact that COD is so 'popular' on Xbox platforms, then the only real platform that you'd need to be on is PC. PC has the MOBAs, the RTSs, the FPSs, and everything else - except Halo. And Halo was such a major factor at the genesis of MLG/Esports that the Xbox is still supported for that IP alone (once again, ignoring the popularity of COD on Xbox vs other platforms).