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GearNuke: "Remasters seem to have become the norm over the past few years. Some, while great games on their own, don’t quite offer a substantial enough upgrade over their last-gen counterparts. A boost in resolution and frame rate may not be enough of an incentive to convince everyone to dish out money for an enhanced port of a game that they’ve already played on an earlier platform. Thankfully, From Software’s take on remasters is a lot more refreshing, with Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin going a step beyond the expected visual improvements and shaking things up, adding plenty of neat surprises for those who’ve already played the original."

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Snookies121100d ago

Never played the original, so I'm excited to give it a go on current gen hardware. Bloodborne left a longing in me after I beat it, so I had to check out DS2. I still own DS1 as well, I plan on going through that at some point too.