Guitar Hero Live vs. Rock Band 4: Which Wins This Time?

It's the resurrection of the epic music confrontation: Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band. Which franchise has the edge this time and honestly, do we really care?

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Thatguy-3101187d ago

Rock band for its community centric gameplay. It helps that you can use your old instruments and soundtracks.

Yi-Long1186d ago

Rock Band for me, because I don't care for the live-action footage in Guitar Hero. I prefer a colorful fun cartoony look.

Brotard1186d ago

Honestly my bet goes to guitar hero because of activisions marketing clout And deep pockets.

Also long run still guitar hero because I think activision is trying to do something different, where as harmonix is sticking with the already proven successful formula.

But never know we will see

pivotplease1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I don't think guitar hero will end up innovating in ways that will lead to success though. Most of its innovations are either "borrowed" from Harmonix or are just terrible ideas in general. I also like to think the average consumer knows Harmonix is the real music game mastermind and will give gamers the bang for their buck unlike Activision. That could be wishful thinking though and Guitar Hero could have the better sales.

deadpoolio3161186d ago

Well even adding to that, with Harmonix actually taking the time and effort to make as much of the old music and instruments compatible with Rock band 4 we know Activision and they wont bother....Activision let their licenses lapse a long time ago and they didn't care

Deathnote1281187d ago

Rock band always wins. Its way better.

BiggCMan1186d ago

Well it really depends on the person. If Rock Band was definitively better, then Guitar Hero would have died when Rock Band 1 released, it did not. For someone like me who is only interested in Guitar, Guitar Hero does that significantly better and always has.

The full band thing is definitely better in Rock Band. I've experienced that and it's really fun, I just don't want to do it all the time. Guitar Hero is the better game for someone who just wants to play alone with a guitar and beat scores and beat the hardest songs on expert etc. Rock Band is boring if you play it that way.

So with these new games, you just have to look at how you want to play it to get the answer and which will be better. There is no definitive answer. But I do appreciate that Guitar Hero is doing something new, whereas Rock Band is just doing the next Rock Band that is no different than 3 for instance but with new songs to play.

It's great that the entire library of 2000 songs is there, and that you can use the old instruments. But doesn't that just prove that the game is going to be exactly the same as the last few? That's what nobody is realizing, and didn't people get tired of the same old thing from Rock Band and Guitar Hero games coming out like 3 times a year?

That's my view on it.

pivotplease1186d ago

Agreed I always preferred the guitar gameplay and peripherals when it came to guitar hero. But the band experience added so many more dimensions to the game. I played GH2 and 3 and was bored of the solo gameplay after that (and even just the guitar gameplay in general). Since then Rock Band has reigned supreme for me and has added some much needed variety to the formula. That and drums often require more physical skill and coordination which I enjoy. Drums on GH suck though.

Baka-akaB1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Thing is i've been dismayed by the way the last GH games added notes for the sake of challenges , and stuff like making you play keyboards with the guitar , in songs that clearly dont feature much guitar .

I also was never fan of the use of cover songs in GH in some cases , while RB consistently aimed to get catalogues and most of all new remasters of songs . it was a whole new experience

Other than that , yeah GH is more difficult on harder difficult i can agree with ... but doesnt RB isnt challenging on the guitar either , nor does it make it "boring" . But our mileage definitively varies . It's only an argument for few people than can even handle the higher difficulties in both games anyway

Der_Kommandant1186d ago

Rock Band 4 over Hipster Hero

Immorals1186d ago

Looks like I'm buying my first ever rock band! Hate the new direction guitar hero is taking, its had all its character and charm sacked out!

Plus, by the looks of its setlist, it's gonna be full of crap pop rock like fall out boy and my chemical romance. No thank you!

Parasyte1186d ago

Don't forget Skrillex as well.

Immorals1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Forgot about him. His music should be buried in the desert like all those copies of et, only no one would care enough to dig them up!

pivotplease1186d ago

His first two EPs were genius, but since then he has gone downhill for sure. Would bury Leaving and Recess in the desert without a doubt.

1186d ago
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