Blocking for boobies: hands on with Soulcalibur 4 (Ars-Technica)

Frank Caron writes:

"Unlike most titles at E3, Soulcalibur IV is one for which the release date isn't "this holiday season." The game ships in less than two weeks, meaning that I came out of my demo at Namco-Bandai's booth unsurprised but not completely unenthused. The core action is tight, there's no doubt about it. Behind the glitz and glamor is the same highly technical and fluid weapon-focused combat engine that the series has been built on. But the game is heavy on the spectacle and flash, and that's something that may or may not bode well for series veterans."

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Dark Kitsune3775d ago

On SC3 my cuz and i had a 20 minute match with our created characters. We were both ninja. But damn, we can't do that anymore because of the new armor "striping".