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The reviewer writes: "Ok, I’m going to start off this review by saying that Goat Simulator is one of the weirdest games that I’ve ever played. I’m not saying it was bad, it was just different. It feels a little like playing Just Cause as a goat. You have the crazy physics and the ability to do pretty much anything you want. So, do you think Goat Simulator is the right game for you. If you’re not sure, then keep reading our review."

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pivotplease914d ago

"Just Cause as a goat"

Sounds like something I could get behind.

Kingdomcome247914d ago

The npcs are hilarious in this game.

tinynuggins914d ago

I get all of my dance moves from goat simulator.

Kingdomcome247914d ago

Haha. Me too. The dance floor clears out quickly.

N0TaB0T914d ago

"Sounds like something I could get behind."

...Not in that way, right?

Game looks hilarious.

pivotplease913d ago

lol I set myself up for that considering we're talking about goats.

Father__Merrin914d ago

just bought this last week on steam sale, itsvpretty good but you have to tinker with graphics settings as it doesn't seem to run well at first

Agent_hitman914d ago

Let it Goat! Let it Goat! Can't hold it back anymore!~