5 Underrated Weapons In Destiny

5 of the more underrated weapons in destiny for both PvE and PvP.

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Brotard1189d ago

Titans fists, Titans fists, Titans fist, Titans fists, and Titans fists

GenuineGamer1189d ago

Red Death and Thunderlord underrated? um ok.. lol

EastOfTheAnduin1189d ago

Universal Remote is a ton of fun in PVE. I pair it with Secret Handshake and get 11 shotgun blasts before I need to reload. I use it with my Bladedancer and Don’t touch me gauntlets. You can sneak up and blast away just about anything, quickly.

I also REALLY like my B-line Trauma scout rifle. It has Firefly with Explosive Rounds and Zen Moment. The rate of fire on that thing is wicked.

Nike1188d ago

Stranger's Rifle, Oversoul Edict, Timur's Lash, Saterienne Rapier and The Calling are all underrated weapons. The ones listed in this article are, in fact, not.

Seriously, Thunderlord? Next thing you'll say is that Gjallarhorn and Fatebringer are underrated.

Tex1171188d ago

Mida might be the only actually underrated gun on that list.

The rest, well, anybody who knows anything about destiny knows that they are good.