Titan Souls (PlayStation 4) Review - Push Square

Push Square: "Our first hour with Titan Souls was fantastic, but after that the cracks start to show. It's not a bad game, and the atmosphere is excellent, but you'll get to the end knowing that it could have been better. The lack of information about the world makes you feel like you're just roaming a random castle or tower, like those Mega Drive roguelikes where the only goal was to get to the end. The length and price just help to make this excellent idea more unattractive."

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yuukiliu1068d ago

Couldn't disagree more. Perhaps my imagination is better than yours but the world was very interesting to me. You also learn more about the world from the giant titan. And unlocking the Trust lets you know a little more about all the bosses. This game is about gameplay. Which they pulled off wonderfully. And the graphics are beautiful as is the music. The length? Maybe you only played it on normal mode. But I've put in 11 hours so far going through normal and hard. Gotta practice more for iron mode though. Also boss achievement trophies will have me playing for at least another 10 hours. The game is $15, not $60.

averagejoe261068d ago

Agreed. This game is awesome. It's everything it was supposed to be/marketed as.

Kind of like an 8-bit version of shadow of colossus meets dark souls.

DigitalRaptor1065d ago

"The length and the price"

Oh wow..... the game is $15. Journey was a 2 hour game for the same price where you do pretty much nothing but wander around and follow very lax gameplay goals. It was lauded. Dem 2x standards live again.