Microsoft Windows 10 OS with DirectX 12 API Launching in July 2015 – Reveals AMD in Earnings Call

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 operating system has the eyes of pretty much the entire PC world on it. From tech geeks who are awaiting the shiniest update to the OS lineup to hardware enthusiasts who are anxiously awaiting the bundled low level API, Windows 10 couldn’t come soon enough. AMD, in their conference call let slip that the probably launch window for Windows 10 (pardon the pun) is the month of July.

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Bigpappy1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

I think this was suppose to be officially announced at E3 along with a beta for X1 and a simultaneous release on PC and X1 with phone to follow . But AMD are blabber mouths.

This make makes since as the sooner it is released, the more time they will have to patch any bugs in time for the holidays when the big games are release. Even though there wouldn't be many games that use full DX12, there with still be gains for those that are supposedly easily ported.

christocolus1131d ago

So hopefully Xbox one will be getting the update in August or September then.

mikeslemonade1131d ago

Yes! This is earlier than I expected.

Give me more life in my GTX970SLI!

bleedsoe9mm1131d ago

probably also means fable gets a summer release as well

Dlacy13g1130d ago

@bleesoe9mm I was originally thinking Fable would be an August release...this would fall in line with that. Seems like the right month to release the game. That said, they could release it in July for pc to kick off Windows 10 and the Xbox 1 version would come out with its Windows 10 update.

crazychris41241131d ago

Im glad they are giving people up to a year to upgrade to Win 10. Im more than happy to wait it out so they can fix any issues with it.

poppinslops1131d ago

I'm in the preview program and so far it's been great... waaaaay better than Windows 8.

That said, I rather like the Win8 tiles for the Xbox interface... they work well with a controller.

Volkama1131d ago

Windows 10 technical preview doesn't feel ready for prime time yet imo. A few games are not compatible (Watch_Dogs, Heroes of the Storm 64bit), the Windows store is quite unstable, and a lot of features such as the Xbox app still need quite a lot of work. I don't suppose they would hold back the OS launch just for a few apps, but things just need a bit more time and July is not at all far away.

It's a good OS, when it is finished it'll be the best Windows version available. Biggest problem I have is that Cortana's local searching can miss things you know are there.

Now that I think about it, isn't technical preview due to end in April?

kraenk121130d ago


I would love to install the technical preview but I don't want to do everything again when it's finally released. Is there some possibility to upgrade from the technical preview with an working Win 8 key once it's released?!

Christopher1130d ago

Yup. Looks like MS is planning this to be some sort of key seller at E3. Hope they don't do a whole DX12 E3 presser. Just show us the games, don't sell us more cloud computing, Kinect, and DX12 hopes and dreams. Show us exactly what you have now and why we want to play it now. K.I.S.S.

StrayaKNT1131d ago

Cant wait to see fable legends using DX12 and the new windows 10 update for x1.

My pre orders for this year are

Rainbow six
Tomb raider
halo 5
forza 6
black ops 3
elder scrolls

The rest of the games like batman and witcher im going to borrow of a friend.

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MasterCornholio1131d ago

"Well people in the alpha say it's the best looking next gen game so I'm hyped dude."

The Witcher 3, Battlefront, Batman Arkham Knight, Uncharted 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Halo 5 all look better in my opinion. There are others that look better as well but I can't remember their names.

GenuineGamer1131d ago

Forza 6 will be amazing i think. I'm expecting an all new dx12 lighting engine making everything look more realistic especially the interiors.

Should be lots of particle effects with weather and damage and exhaust flames ect..

Dan Greenwalt said no compromises with Forza 6 so im expecting it to be the ultimate Forza.

Please don't disapoint me turn10 i been with u since the first forza demo on og xbox. I have faith!

MasterCornholio1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )


I'm pretty sure Forza will look great. All I'm saying is that claiming that Fabel legends is the best looking next gen game is sort of an insult to all those other games that I've mentioned.

GenuineGamer1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )


Yeah i see what u sayin m8. I was adding to ur list. ;)

Bigpappy1130d ago

Not saying whether or not Fable will be the best looking game, but DX 12 has not been released yet. All who claimed to have seen and played it, have not seen it running on DX12 API.

Having said that, the difference should not be very noticeable, and Fable L. was built for DX11 then ported. Not really a DX12 game. We shall all soon know though.

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Agent_hitman1131d ago

I'm very excited for Windows 10, and this might be my next official OS for my next PC. I skipped Win8 because I didn't liked it.

slappy5081131d ago

I cant wait for windows 10!. I quickly reverted back to Windows 7 from the nightmare that is WIndows 8. Also my graphics cards are hungry for that Dx12!

MRMagoo1231131d ago

The amount of people that returned their pcs to my pc store after I built them for them because they wanted an upgrade from windows 8 to windows 7 was crazy, 90 percent of all PCs I have made since windows 8 released at my shop have had windows 7 put on them afterwards.

slappy5081131d ago

I can well imagine. Its just a nightmare to navigate through that apps setup especially if youre used to a taskbar and desktop. My dad accidently removed all his apps on his system and I spent the whole weekend reinstalling all his programs and setiing up his email again all because Win 8 has some silly feature called system refresh that removes all your apps, wich looks harmless to most novices, it was a huge headache navigating to control panel, and system settings and what have you

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