Star Wars: Battlefront - Too Big To Fail

Is this a game destined for failure because of the franchise?

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ArchangelMike1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

No game is ever too BIG to fail.

Saying that however, the game will sell millions of copies day 1 regardless of it's overall quality. But will it be a cheap Star Wars:BattleFIELD multiplayer cash grab, or a deep and rich multiplayer experience that has variety and longevity? That remains to be seen.

fiveby91214d ago

i agree it remains to be seen. An healthy skepticism is a good thing. I also think some of the articles talking the game down have a tinge of sour grapes of the marketing deal with Sony. In classical physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Could it be that there is marketing and anti-marketing? I dunno. But I am cautious of what I read on both sides of this game. It's just too early to say. The trailer was impressive though, fwiw.

DougLord1214d ago

You think the criticism is coming from bitter Xbox fans? I disagree 100%. I think it is The Order fans that are bitter that their game got such bad publicity pre-launch and sold <1mm copies.

That being said I don't understand the criticism. The trailer looks good. Single player isn't appropriate for Battlefront. 10-12 maps is ALOT and DLC will provide more. And space battles needs to be an expansion to be done right.

Im excited for this game - but I don't preorder so I'll wait for some reviews before judging positive or negative.

bananaboats1214d ago

If it is anything like the originals than this game will be an amazing pickup

leogets1214d ago

Tbh dice have nailed multiplayer in their games that have longevity... they just know how to make a bloody good game.. they have that special sauce that u just cant put ya finger on that keeps it moreish.. so im expecting battlefront to be awesome aswell. Ill b gutted if it isnt cos it looks so badass. Definately a jump in the visuals weve all longed for this gen..

creeping judas1214d ago

If my 272hrs of BF4 is any indication of DICE's ability to craft an engaging multiplayer game, then I strongly feel that they will be able to do this with Battlefronts as well. And I know my 272hrs pales in comparison to other peoples amount of time spent on BF4, but that being said, I get easily distracted or quickly bored of many games, so the 272hrs for me is a testament to the quality of MP experience.

TripC501214d ago

Since Sony has the marketing, it will do wonders. Look how great Destiny did with the PS4.

Immorals1214d ago

I've barely seen any Playstation ads here in Southampton, even in game shops it's all xbox and 3ds.. Can't forget the 'trade in your phone or tablet' ones either!

Avernus1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

What defines failure? Sales? Review scores? Consumers reaction to the game?

It'll sell well, obviously. Star Wars attached to the name. Review scores will be 8's, 9's barring some really bad performance from the game, which tbh, might not even be mentioned by reviewers, BF4 for example. Complete mess at launch, still got 8's.

People's reactions will be mixed, like previous DICE games. They'll get some things good, and fail in other aspects, and it'll be a battle between cynics and fanboys.

Too big to fail? BF4 was a success despite it being absolute garbage on release. Couldn't even play some maps because frame rate stutter, for months, hit detection was a joke, explosive spam, terrible Rush map layouts etc...

I assume Battlefront will launch better, I'll hope so because you'd think DICE would have learned a thing or 2 from BF3-4. There's not a chance this game fails regardless of the mess DICE could make of it (in terms of sales at least)

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