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4logpc1183d ago

Very interesting its going to be more about first party than third. Looking forward to it.

christocolus1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Interesting indeed. Time to pump more cash into 1st party studios&new ips. Definitely gonna be looking forward to all they have planned.Currently all the major MS studios including the new ones i.e decisive games,lxp, mohjang etc all have new/ unannounced ip in the works and we aint even talking about exclusives from 2nd party studios. I also hope we get to see the rumored project from lift&lionhead.

freshslicepizza1183d ago

it is likely the new game from rare. microsoft knows they are not winning the third party battle against sony so they pretty much have to up their game.

Why o why1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )


I always believed ms being behind would force their hands and push them to create more. No time for the complacency that can sometimes spore from being ahead. They cannot afford to act as they did near the latter end of last last gen . The chances are sony will continue to pump exclusives so ms, with all their wealth, ms shouldn't have a problem improving their output. I reckon phill will do a better job than his predecessors. I think he knows it wasn't just the bodged reveal that hurt the brand.

Brotard1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )


Eonjay1183d ago

I will be looking forward to seeing what they have.

TheCommentator1183d ago

I heard somwhere that Epic has something to show based on the Samaritan/Infiltrator tech demos. Maybe it will be 1st party IP like Gears?

bouzebbal1183d ago

"Microsoft to have new exclusive ip's at E3"
NO s***!
Did it ever happen that a manufacturer went to e3 without a single new IP?
It's strange, first time ever i am not hyped for an e3. Started last year, but this year is even worse.

Septic1183d ago

" We should have new exclusive IP at E3. I'm trying to make this E3 more about 1st party than past E3s."

That's very good to know. Third party announcements usually disappoint me in these keynotes. I expect to see stronger first party showings from the guys. No 10 minute long COD walkthroughs.

Sevir1182d ago

In other news, water is wet! Seriously, does anyone not think they won't have new first party ips to announce at E3? Bring it.

Utalkin2me1182d ago

E3 exclusive ip's are a given. The main concern is how about exclusives right now.

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Transistor1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

It's not by choice. But I agree, it's better for them to focus on First party titles right now.

Third parties aren't as willing to work with them as they once were.

BitbyDeath1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

MS losing COD marketing rights is still just a rumour.
Will find out at E3 if true.

Kal0psia1183d ago

Third parties aren't as willing to work with them as they once were? Yeah, keep telling yourself that. Either way FINALLY they are putting more into their first party. I mean they stated this since launch that that's what they're going to do different. Since everything is going service based it only makes sense you have very strong content. Given the success EA had with EA Access it only makes sense to make your own first party games.

Transistor1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I'm not just talking about Black Ops 3. Which they did lose. They attempted to get timed exclusive rights for Mass Effect and were denied.

Microsoft can offer a lot of money for rights or advertising to try to sway publishers. But consumers money is also relevant when making these decisions and the 2:1 install base in favor of PS4 is hard for publishers to pass up.

When you look at consumer base for things like DLC, it only makes sense from a publishers perspective.

BitbyDeath1183d ago

Got any links to backup those claims?

OpieWinston1183d ago

Microsoft and EA have a pretty good relationship and Microsofts AC: Unity deal paid off for both Ubisoft/MS.

IDK what drugs you're on, yes third party support in Japan is going to be closed to nothing due to the low install base.

But Worldwide the X1 is outpacing the 360 and the 360 had crazy support. Seriously how naive are you?

marlinfan101183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

We won't get any links from him. It's another rumor just like the same rumor that was going around last year that turned out to be false

I tried googling it and couldn't even find any recent rumors of it. The only ones I could find were from early last year.

Automatic791183d ago


Please stop the nonsense. MS working deals with Third parties developers is just as important to Xbox as working up there portfolio of fantastic first party games.

This year alone third parties have been important on MS with Evolve, COD, Dragon Age, Witcher 3 and I am sure The Division is next, plus a few surprises that they have not mentioned and will probably speak of at E3.

DOMination-1183d ago

Wow people are bragging over marketing deals now? This industry needs to become one standard and one console like movies have nearly always been. Then we can actually talk about games and not whatever this nonsense is we're currently talking about

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_-EDMIX-_1183d ago

Doesn't really state anything about them owning the IPs. MS many times have called first party, IPs that are not owned by them....

Well see this E3.

star_lancer1183d ago

Real gamers care most about the quality of the game. People looking for something to complain about care more about IP ownership and business details.

_-EDMIX-_1183d ago

?? Yes..because we can't care about both? Bioshock, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Ninja Gaiden II, Titan Fall,Mass Effect and the list goes on...

This wouldn't really be the first time MS has had an exclusive that went else where either because it was timed, they didn't won the IP, team etc.

Quality games...I agree, exclusive?

Now...I would like to spend $400 on a XONE for a title that won't just end up on PC or PS4 which I already own 6 months to a year later. MS is sorta know for that.

Example. They don't own the Sunset Overdrive IP, thus...could end up on PC, PS4 etc.

They DO own the Scalebound IP...thus, I'll be a bit more excited about Scalebound in terms of buying an XONE as its owned by MS and my purchase can actually be legitimized vs finding out its just coming to PC later on...

Sorry but they have a history of this sort of thing and I'm not made of money, when Sony publishes a stays on its platforms..... I have no issue buying a PS4 for Sony's Ips as Sony's games stay on its system, MS publishes titles that many times end up else where lol.

I need to know bud. I care about the quality, but that doesn't mean I'll just buy a XONE for any damn game knowing this companies shady history with timed games.

I own Titan Fall, Ryse and Dead Rising 3 too bud....guess what? I don't own an XONE, saved me LOTS of money waiting as it was wise to not believe in MS BS and just wait for the truth to surface regarding those supposed exclusivity deals.

Might have to wait for those other deals to happen too lol.

star_lancer1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

"I need to know bud. I care about the quality, but that doesn't mean I'll just buy a XONE for any damn game knowing this companies shady history with timed games."

Like I said in my other comment, you seem to think it's perfectly OK when Sony does it, but not when MS does it. You use the word "shady" to describe MS's third party exclusive deals. Where's your equally strong language regarding Sony's? Talk about a fanboy cheerleader.

_-EDMIX-_1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

"Like I said in my other comment, you seem to think it's perfectly OK when Sony does it"

Nope, this is what I said bud.

""I don't really believe in that BS, not from Tomb Raider and not from SFV"

Soooo I'm not in support of timed games from either and don't buy that they some how really needed to be funded or wouldn't exist."


"As a gamer, this is best for us, not Tomb Raider or SFV. I'm sorry but that money could have been used else where. SFV will be on XONE, Tomb Raider will be on PS4"

Only thing I actually stated regarding Sony was that they at least own enough teams to do such a thing....

MS currently has the least and I don't think its wise to delay games as some sort of advantage when XB fans would rather have real exclusives vs delays, again...what do delays get you?

I again don't support the practice on either side, I don't' even get why you keep making it seem as if I'm fine with timed games from Sony.....I'm pretty sure I made it clear I'm not ok with SFV nor Tomb Raider as I feel they are waste and only benefit Sony and MS as companies in terms of sales, they don't aid the gamer.

Again....PS4 owners will get Tomb Raider anyway, XONE owners will get SFV anyway.

Thus....would you as a gamer rather just have a new owned ip as you would be getting those games regardless? Sony isn't give us PS4 gamers SFV just like MS isn't giving its gamers Tomb Raider...they are merely delaying a game to make it seem as if they have a stable library, at the end of the day...waiting a few months will show those games to be timed and it won't really matter.

Sooo would you rather have them spend the money on a new IP or Tomb Raider?

Let me remind you you'll STILL GET TOMB RAIDER! lol, soooo your happy to lose some IPs merely to get another version delayed? Is the delay some how helping you or MS?

I once again don't think some delay on another version is to some how be praised... Sony isn't GIVING me SFV, they are just delaying it on XONE ,same with MS with Tomb Raider... I'm not sure why you would see MS as giving you anything....

I'm happy to hear them focusing in house as they should be, any gamer in general should be happy to hear such news. I really don't get why a delay of a timed game would aid anyone....other then the publisher and company paying for the timed game.

That doesn't help gamers. If MS money hatted Evolve and delayed would they be giving you anything?

Sooo would you take away one of the exclusives IPs coming from MS to have a PS4 delay? LOL! As if thats some how helping you in any way. No reason to support timed games bud...not even slightly.

AngelicIceDiamond1183d ago

Well Phil stated they have more first party to show off this time around.

But what if it is 3rd party along side 1st Oh your probably gonna complain go figure.

star_lancer1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

So, what Sony IP's are you losing by getting SFV early? Apparently you know EXACTLY how MS spends their money. You seem to be 100% sure that MS must have cancelled a new IP to get the Tomb Raider deal.

Both sides do the same thing. It all balances out. If you feel MS is cancelling new IP's, then you must also feel Sony is cancelling new IP's. Of course, you don't because of your bias.

Also, you can't deny that you call MS's deals "shady", while using no such language to describe Sony's deals. You're a hypocrite, plain and simple.

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Nirvana315911183d ago

Hopefully it's not just timed exclusives like Tomb Raider but actual first party games

fr0sty1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Every console manufacturer will show exclusives and New ip at e3. Why is this news?

Iluvtrim1183d ago

Microsoft my wallet is ready. Take all my money.

ScorpiusX1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I would settle for a ton of both new first party IP'S and a few 3rd party turned exclusive. ........... One thing they need to do is stop with these lame short term timed Exclusive deals . Not saying they need to buy all IP'S ,but funding and long publishing contracts are a good start.

Gamer19821182d ago

More about 1st party? Meaning its a first party exclusive. Probably gears as we have no actual confirmation of that yet. Maybe something else, Sony will have an exclusive too no doubt as no way have they already released all there announcements of IPs in star ocean/street fighter etc.. and left none for e3. meaning E3 this year is gonna be amazing!!

NuggetsOfGod1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

People doubted this?

Xbox has had games since the beginning.

You think dead rising, over drive, quantum break, scalebound, killer instinct, fable, forza 5,6,h2,ori, halo mcc & halo 5, gears(gears coming and you know it), phantom dust, went into development after first year sales dipped?

These games take years to make.

Ps4 is weak right without bloodbourne.

Ps4 sales mean little in terms of games right now.

Or if so cod sales means cod is the best game ever made every year over and over.

As a gamer I think sony needs to step it up this year.

Insert ps4 game list below guys I won't read all the indie games and japanese take turns attacking/rpg games I don't care about.

Mk looks better than sf5(same ol same ol) so xbox gamers seem set.

Ps4 will be more worth it imo in 2016.

Sonys marketing team is fantastic and the fanboys are excited for and filling up the "star wars exclusive ps4 marketing" articles.

Oh and spotify.

It will make the gameplay better somehow.

Glad I didn't get ps4 yet.

I have a pc so no man's sky, sf5(meh), eve valkorie, hell blade 60fps 1440p I hope for me. 1080 is ok though.

Only 2 games I want that are on xbox I can get on pc so..

Wake me up when uncharted comes and I'll pick and copy of the amazing looking bloodborn.

May your disagrees block out the sun.

E3 will be huge for all platforms. Hope pc will have a bigger presence.

Didn't phil say they may have to push back games because of the amount coming?

Between halo 5, tomb raider, forza 6 then multi plats like star wars I am glad quantum break is pushed back to not over lap with tomb raider.

To much for xbox to do.

More exclusives incoming.

Seems MS is more focused on AAA than Sony this gen starting out.

Most of the exclusives they talk up are big budget.

Off topic:

Also dx12 won't do much lol

DigitalRaptor1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

If you look into the archives of history, you'll see that Sony has never had a stellar first year for any of their legendary consoles and it takes then a good couple of years to get the ball rolling on first-party exclusives. After which point, they are on fire and a force to be reckoned with.

It's great that you have a PC, but that doesn't invalidate the fact that these games are also on PS4, and provide more reason for the millions of people out there who game exclusively on consoles to choose the PS4 because XB1 or Wii U doesn't have said games.

PS4 - regardless of indies, console exclusives, "niche" games and Japanese games that seem to be easy for you to disregard like they're not actual games - has better rated games overall than Xbox One. It has more games, more diversity and more sales. So it has it all basically. You can be short-sighted or only look at a few pieces of the puzzle, but it won't change any of that.

More relevant to note, is that whilst you're praising Microsoft for their lineup (fair enough), there is a reason they have more AAA exclusives currently.

Compare the output of Sony and their PS3 from 2011-2013, to Microsoft's support of the 360 in terms of exclusive games during those years. Not so great for MS. Sony were doing TONS more in terms of bringing large quantities of diverse and well-rounded games to their console. These companies have limited in-house developers. Sony's were all making PS3 games, whilst Microsoft left the 360 with major exclusive game droughts, and focused on getting an early start with the XB1, but still came up short due to a wild Cerny. ;)

I mention all of this because people like to conveniently forget all of it when they mock Sony and their PS4 lineup. Things have become more aggressive when arguing about the "AAA exclusives" situation because of the state of fanboyism, not because Sony is doing anything different than the norm.

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Manic20141183d ago

More about first party, that's what i wanted to hear.

Stiffler1183d ago

Definitely great to hear. Getting super hyped for E3 now :o

lifeisgamesok1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Great and this was a given but also nice to have it confirmed

E3 is going to spectacular

CaptainObvious8781183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

If you think MS focusing on new IPs, especially when they're investing into their own studios instead of just throwing money at 3rd party devs, is a given you haven't been paying any attention whatsoever.

I hope E3 is great this year, but I always keep my expectations in check.

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WESKER20151183d ago

this is what i like to hear, a bit more fight from Microsoft, now officially stoked for Microsoft E32015, i just want Xbox One to make that comeback man, i know the machine can, cheers Phil