New Xbox One System Software Update in Preview Lets You Leave Voice Messages While in Party

Microsoft just released a new version of the May system software update of the Xbox One to preview members, and it includes a handy little new feature. Below you can check out the patch notes directly from the preview forums.

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Concertoine1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Lol, is this gonna be the start of every gen from here on out? The gradual inclusion of features from last gen...

donthate1183d ago

Since the architecture is x86 and soon with Windows 10, it shouldn't be a problem to move it to next generation console.

HaleHankock1183d ago

Apparently this is how it's going to be, which is really pathetic. Now if they can build it and not have functions go down all the time.

Nirvana315911183d ago

TBH these updates are pretty pointless

wakeNbake1183d ago

This will be great for minecraft betrayals.

MasterBaker1183d ago

For those wondering this isn't actually a full update, these are just some small tweaks, the actual may Preview update will release sometime this week.

TheHaloGuy1183d ago

Thank u ms! Glad they got that shit corrected quick!

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