Star Wars: Battlefront Dev on Immersion, Features & Fun; Explains Why AT-AT on Endor Move on Rails

Star Wars: Battlefront is a franchise with a very dedicated and passionate fanbase, so it's not surprising to see polarized reactions to the new game's reveal and to some of the choices made by EA DICE.

Producer Jesper Nielsen is not easily discouraged, and keeps up the effort to explain some of those decisions and to give some more insight on the game.

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Becuzisaid1212d ago

Maybe this means the AT-AT can be driven freely in other modes, just not the Walker Assault mode.

ArchangelMike1212d ago

Basically the AT-AT is too overpowered to be player controlled. It would just break the map and gameplay. hey'd have to nerf it... and then it would be underpowered for an At-AT.

It's basically the same as the gunshps in BF4, they're on rails and not player controlled and that's not really a problem.

LifeInNZ1212d ago

Then they need to introduce something to counter it rather than gimp it. All those trees and no way to bring em down to have to force a course alteration or damage an AT-AT's ability to move, etc.

Becuzisaid1212d ago

Slow movement and turn radius, along with slow for rate counter it being over powered. Plus with potential air strike power ups, even ground troops could hold their own.

Lamboomington1212d ago

Didn't read the article did you ?

The AT-AT is on rails because it's an objective in that mode, meaning it has to move in certain paths for the game to be the most fun/balanced

WizzroSupreme1212d ago

That's pretty sweet. Can't wait to play me some Battlefront!

HaveAsandwich1212d ago

i cant imagine they would put them on rails everywhere....

bOObies1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

AT-AT on Hoth or Endor? Be pretty difficult to drive that monster with all those trees.

Allsystemgamer1212d ago

They weren't on rails before....and they worked fine...really! On rails!!??

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The story is too old to be commented.