Nintendo engineer lists next-gen, unannounced consoles on LinkedIn profile

Lu Yang, a principal test engineer at Nintendo, has listed “next generation (unannounced) consoles” on his LinkedIn profile.

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Geobros1190d ago

Its possible to be NX but who knows...

freshslicepizza1190d ago

i've said it many times, nintendo will have a new console by the end of 2016. all new software that isn't currently in development will go towards the new system. zelda may also be a candidate again for cross gen development.

superchiller1190d ago

I agree with Fall 2016 for the release of the next Nintendo console. Let's hope that Nintendo focuses on solid hardware this time, instead of unappealing gimmicks. If they do, I might even buy their next system.

pivotplease1190d ago

That would be replacing the Wii U after 4 years. Seems pretty premature even if the Wii only lasted 6 and was successful. They still have to release some of their biggest IPs and they only now just started adding N64 games to the VC. I say 2017 is far more likely.

N4g_null1190d ago

You do realize nintendo makes a bunch of prototypes before picking which one to finish. This could be the first phase of prototypes. Nintendo should really wait on next gen. Lots of big things are about to be ready for consumer production.

Yet this doesn't stop them from testing and development.

mydyingparadiselost1190d ago

I disagree, I think it will be the end of 2017 before a new console comes out. I do think Zelda will be on it as a launch title, but it will be more like TLOU rather than TP. This gives the Wii U a regular console cycle lifetime, which N said they were going to fully support the system, and sales have been up instead of down for the console so replacing it too soon would be a mistake. 2017 release, hopefully we see the console at some point in 2016.

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comebackkid98911190d ago

The Wii U is dead weight, those chiming 2017 are delusional

pivotplease1189d ago

"dead weight"

Says the people who haven't played any of the amazing games the Wii U has to offer already. WWHD, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, MK8, Smash, and New Super Mario Bros. All are great titles. That's also without mentioning lesser titles like Captain Toad and Kirby and the impending Yoshi. Then Zelda, Xenoblade, Star Fox, a new Mario and others are on the way. The future is brighter than ever.

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3-4-51190d ago

* I still think Nintendo will have this:

* New Console

* New Handheld

* NX

3 separate devices, and I think the NX will focus on mobile while Handheld + console will connect to each other.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1190d ago

I think so too.

One of the Stock holder diagrams showed a device that had associations with PC, Mobile, 3DS, and WiiU.

Concertoine1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

But they specifically referred to it as a dedicated games platform. I doubt nintendo will juggle 3 platforms, they have enough trouble juggling 2

BigDuo1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

Satoru Iwata already confirmed three things:

A new dedicated handheld and a new dedicated home console will be available in the next generation. There will not be a hybrid console.
Secondly. what Iwata revealed about the NX is that it is a dedicated hardware platform. We just don't know yet if he is refering to the next handheld or the next home console. What is interesting and may be a possible sign, is that the NX codename could stand for something like Nintendo cross-compatibility, something both the next handheld and hoem console will be supporting with Iwata's revealed plans for a unified architectural strategy to share the same operating system, have similar architecture and use of shared software assets. Making a game with two versions (like what Bandai Namco did with Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS) will be significantly easier if Nintendo can streamline the development process. The same can be said for Nintendo to want to use this in order to make porting games between home console and handheld or vice versa, considerably easier.

However, I doubt Nintendo would be capable of simultaneously releasing both a new handheld and home console in the same year. It just doesn't seem to have the resources to pull it off even with the benefit of the unified architectural strategy which would make both handheld and home console share the same OS, similar architectures and use of shared software assets, or perhaps there's a remote chance Nintendo is crazy enough to do it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1190d ago

We've known that all 3 have had their next consoles in the planning stages for a while now.
Obviously, considering Nintendo came out with theirs sooner, they'd have people testing prototypes sooner.
So why is an engineer putting the obvious on his profile news-worthy?
Ah, wait. I see.
It's an attempt to draw in the mooks that are still singing that "Wii U is being dropped early" malarky, for the sake of the flame wars, and thus clicks, that will follow them, isn't it?
Well, not this time.
Not a click will be given in response to any comments as such.
I refuse to participate.

Concertoine1190d ago

This is news to me. It says "consoles" not "console". That throws the hybrid console out the window, and confirms there are two consoles in development at nintendo.

Takwin1190d ago

We are now analyzing the plural of a word on a LinkedIn profile. It may be a typo. It may be nothing. It probably isn't confirmation of the death of the Wii U or Nintendo.

deadpoolio3161190d ago

The death of the Wii U was confirmed the moment the mentioned working on the NX and delaying Zelda, which in reality was more than likely cancelled with development being moved to the NX and will be a launch title for its NOV 2016 launch

MSBAUSTX1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )


Yet again and on a seperate thread you continue to hate on Nintendo and the Wii U. When will you learn that Nintendo released Twilight Princess on the Game Cube as well because Nintendo doesnt screw their consumers the way others do. The new LOZ will release on the Wii U. The videos we have seen utilize the Game Pad way too much. They wouldnt waste all that time and $$ making it use the game pad to shoot arrows and such to only cancel it and screw the Wii U install base. So please crawl under your bridge and leave us alone.

fr0sty1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

The reason twilight princess released on multiple generations of Nintendo consoles is the same reason Destiny released on multiple generations of Sony/ms consoles. Install base. Releasing high budget games on new consoles is risky. Making a previous-gen version reduces the risk. Also, who is to say the nx won't also be gamepad compatible like Wii u is wiimote compatible?

pivotplease1190d ago

Well in all honesty I think the 3DS will be due for a successor either next year or the following year. Probably 2 years since they just released the "new 3DS". Now I'm wondering if the Vita will get a follow-up or if Sony will play it safe with the PS4 and bank on its success before rejoining the handheld market later on.

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SidebarTalk1190d ago

Not to be a dick, but since when is anything anyone lists on LinkedIn reliable or accurate? My profile says I was Jessica Alba's boob wrangler in Sin City but a restraining order says that can't possibly be true.

MSBAUSTX1190d ago

Bubbles for being funny as hell. I would give multiples for it actualy being true lol.

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danny8181190d ago

Anything Nintendo has planned in terms of rumors is exciting. But until they show it is when I get strayed away. Lately it's been that trend since the wifi with its motion smear which I had no interest in and wii u with its oversized TV controller. Trying to do a console da attempt. For now Nintendo has my attention.

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