Destructoid E3 08: Sega's Bayonetta is a fetish freak's dream

Destructoid writes: "Oh. My. God. Sexy witch time. Call me.
I made my way into a meeting room to see Mad World, but Platinum Games had something else lined up first. Imagine a game where the main character is a shapely witch that wears tight black vinyl, high heels, sexy glasses, and has an ass that won't quit. Bayonetta is your fetish fantasy come true.
When our heroine is not busy independently moving her ass cheeks, she's beating the hell out of mystical baddies with her high heels or her hair. That's right: hair. Her hair can appear through a portal from another dimension and form a foot or a fist to beat her enemies down. It sounds stupid, and probably is in concept, but it's so crazy that it works on screen."

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