PS4 AF Graphics Issues: Has Sony Finally Fixed It? Screenshot Comparison Inside

GearNuke: "PS4 had a weird issue with Anisotropic Filtering which resulted in textures being blurred at an oblique viewing angle in the game. This issue mostly affected third party multiplatform releases and it was not until recently that we heard that Sony was looking into fixing it for the developers.

If the recent games and updates are any indication, this issue has finally been resolved as confirmed by updates to games like Devil May Cry and the release of some of the latest games like Mortal Kombat X and Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin."

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Eonjay1188d ago

Way to go Ice Team. Now, the next issue is to stop using UR3 Engine altogether. I think we can all agree that Unreal Engine 4 is the way to go for new games.

Genuine-User1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

so much for the people that constantly trolled AF related articles.
It was never a hardware issue. AMD's GCN architecture supports AF x16.

hkgamer1188d ago

it was never a hardware issue and everyone or most people knew it. xbone had no trouble with it and some ps3 games has no trouble it was just something that was strangely missing from those few games. was it a simply a bug in the dev tools? i heard it was a simple code to apply AF but i personally dont know anything about it so cant be 100% about that.

anyways, glad that its been taken care of. sony should make it easier to apply now. hopefully the tools provided wouldnt be a problem ever again

Genuine-User1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

According to some on this site, it was most certainly a 'hardware issue'. There have been cases where Anisotropic filtering has been higher on the PS4 in comparison to the X1, but that was almost always brushed aside.
It couldn't have been a bug because many games have supported AF since late 2013.
And as far as tools are concerned, Sony has done real good by the developers.

hkgamer1188d ago

it shows how important dev tools are. Glad that sony has fixed it or are sorting it out right now. it should have been something that devs could easily apply but had trouble with it.

people who say that dx12 wont do much, but atleast that will help devs produce the results easier. sony needs to step up its game and provide the neccesary tools that can guide these devs. before people start saying lazy devs or something, they should blame sony for not making it easy to apply AF.

it was very strange that af was not featured in those few games and it wasnt performance issues as it doesnt take up much resources and framerate seems to not have been affected at all.

hiawa231188d ago

Did not even know there was an issue

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

@hiawa23, exactly, Sony fans harp the importance of how much better they see with bigger Ps while ironically they don't even see the obvious that is FAR more noticeable than 900P versus 1080P. The 5 agrees to 1 disagree PROVES that point.

Edit: the same point applies to the bad lighting in Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 that look dull without their intricate details popping other than when lighting effects occur directly on scene complexity while those titles are exclusives that are supposed to be pushing the limits of what's possible, as instead they're getting shown up by multiplats such as Battlefront and F2P such as Fable Legends (that has superb lighting). It isn't just the bigger Ps that matter, it is what you do with them.

I really hope Sony fans don't care enough to change Sony's inferior agendas (such as PS Now, etc.) the way they instead cause Microsoft to change their superior agendas... so I suppose this really is NOT concern trolling though, if Sony fans did what's best instead of being PRIDEFUL and defending inferior, they should demand that Sony has next-gen lighting in their exclusives for that they don't look dim and dull, rather than harp last gen looking UC4 graphics as "amazeballs" while really the truth is more "depressingdimballs" fLAMER.

Unfortunately, it appears as if most Sony fans still don't comprehend the importance of next-gen lighting yet... as if chest hair physics is more important than UC4 looking as if it is simulating the most depressing weather known (since rain, snow, or other anomalies are more interesting than OVERCAST and GLOOMY). For what would really be "next-gen" graphics, imagine the complexity of UC4's character models when looking at the faces of the characters on speeder bikes in the Battlefront video.

Edit Again: @Immorals, I think they may use that weather because it best hides the lack of good lighting. In other words, it may be a graphical trick for better performance and covering up the lackluster lighting with gloomy weather... Bloodborne's theme similarly helped hide how it was lit with (becoming obsolete) last gen techniques.

Besides that point, I don't think it is FANtastic to play a simulation of the most depressing weather known to man, especially since I prefer "Lara over chest hair physics" to begin with.

I'd be more forgiving of UC4 IF it wasn't THE premier upcoming PS4 title and Sony fans weren't hyping its graphics as "brilliant" while what's REALLY "BRILLIANT" are games that use next-gen lighting.

I think the more games that people see using next-gen lighting (Battlefront and Fable Legends are just the beginning), the more that the difference will appear to be "night and day" versus games that are still stuck in the dark ages.

Some people will, of course, claim that they play games not graphics... I'm still going to point out hypocrisy when other Sony fans harp the importance of playing with bigger Ps while ignoring that they're playing with bigger depressing looking Ps.

Immorals1187d ago

I don't know what game you've seen, but UC4 Is far from 'last gen looking'!

And don't hate on the game because the two videos you've seen have good old fashioned British weather!

hiawa231187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I just don't think that much about games to care about all this graphics/ res stuff. I own all the consoles, and just enjoy the games. Each console has its pros and cons.

PS4, X1 games look fine to my eyes. I like both this gen consoles, 3, if you include the Wiiu just for the Nintendo colorful games, which I also like.

The fans who jump on either console like they are getting paid from Nintendo, MS, Sony are hilarious to me.

Most of us just want good games, decent looking, no matter what platform they are on. You should be able to enjoy what each brings to the table and not bash the other in favor of your choice, causecat the end of the day these are just games. Atleast that is how I see it.

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