Low System Can Play in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto 4's output from mistakes made ​​in the field of Rockstar Games, did not make the same mistake in the Grand Theft Auto 5's release. It is permissible to use the term if you have a hardware remained since Ragnos1997 Fi is the player's minimum system patches.Ragnos1997, 2330 2:20 GHz Intel i3 processor, 4 GB 665 MHz RAM and Nvidia GeForce GT 520M graphics card with 5 has been able to run at 30 FPS level. Of course we got the results you can get the feeling Playstation 2 GTA 5 was playing.

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Maul_T_Pass1006d ago

If you have to gimp the settings that much then why play it on PC at all? Why not just pick it up on one of the 4 systems it was already released for?

Krew_921006d ago

Yeah this looks pretty terrible... Reminds me of when I played it on my PlayStation 3 on release. I definitely wouldn't enjoy playing on extremely low settings like those, but I can see people who would not mind at all.

If anything I'd set textures to very high and everything else low. I would at least want my textures to be on-par and a little better than the console counterpart.

Snookies121006d ago

Maybe someone's planning on upgrading their PC and wants to check out the game some before dropping the money down.

Maul_T_Pass1005d ago

That doesn't make sense. Both scenarios require you to buy the game. What good is testing the game on mediocre hardware if you are planning to buy better parts? GTA is a great franchise. People don'/t need to 'test drive it' before buying. Its much much a given it will be good.

kevnb1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

not everyone has a recent video card yet, and there are a ton of reasons why many people like playing on pc.

Maul_T_Pass1005d ago

7 people have poo in their pants. Bottom line PC is about reaching for the max.

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Shineon1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

Not bad actually kind of cool

I'm not saying the graphics look cool but that I think it's cool they supporting older hardware now that's good bc

Cid331006d ago

lol looks like gta3 psp version

Haki11121006d ago

this looks horrible! Lmao

samchez771006d ago

It's not too bad. Testament to this masterpiece's scalability. Fun for a quick spin on the work laptop tec...

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