Drawn to Death: Video Asking for Feedback on Death Timing

Drawn to Death is shaping up to be rather insane, but probably the good kind of insane the gaming industry need more of. The development team is being definitely open in their dialogue with the fans, and they relesed some interesting new treats.

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PoSTedUP1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

that seems ok. Blitz Brigade does it pretty well. but it depends on how hard/easy it is to aim and how fast ppl move. that may seem kinda long but could be even longer due to the controls and level of difficulty (blitz brigade w/o auto aim etc.; hella fun but hella hard).

mix it up, have hit detectors where if you shoot someone in the head area it drains quicker like halo etc. i love Killzone Merc's balance tbh. headshot is a head shot; and the more dead-center the hit, the more health it takes off. also like socom 2 where a shot to the toe would take off a sliver compared to the leg or arm etc.

i think its good how is, gives people time to react but not so much an equal advantage if recovered. it doesnt seem _unfair_. think: in all fairness. imo.

itBourne1132d ago

People move fast, and it is very Unreal esque, you also have to take into consideration that there is NO health regen, and even if you choose to spawn quicker, you spawn with less then 100% health. Game was a blast, and I do hope they keep it how it is. Cant wait to play it again.

PoSTedUP1132d ago

ah ok, then ill take your word for it. it now seems perfect the way it is taking that into consideration as well. glad u enjoyed, sounds like a lot of fun.

JMaine5181132d ago

In my opinion I think it's good. I like a shooter where you have time to react to being blindsided. Now a huge window but I think what they have now is perfect.

morganfell1132d ago

The slight color additions to the characters was a step in the right direction. Looks like a pile of fun.

lsujester1132d ago

I much prefer shooters to where it's not almost an automatic death if you don't get the first trigger pull. A little back and forth makes it much better experience, in my opinion.

Call of Duty takes the instant death scenarios to the extreme, Battlefield isn't too far behind... and some games like Destiny have redone their weapon damages to head farther down that path.

JMaine5181132d ago

It's why I've favored TPS>FPS. Games like Socom, Uncharted, TLOU actual give you a chance in a gun fight if you are blindsided.

kenshin127891132d ago

It looks decent so far, but I need to see more.

Genuine-User1132d ago

You'll be able to play it for free once it's released.

Ninver1132d ago

Why does it seem Sony are the only ones constantly dropping new exclusive games? News on the other side is so boring and slow like really boring.

OT: I recon Drawn to Death will be crazy fun.

Rookie_Monster1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Because Dualshockers keep using "exclusive" on their articles for like the 100th time for any single PS4 game so it seems like it is a lot including niche and small indie games that no one cares or heard about. Who is going to give 2 cents about "Drawn to death?" Not hating but it is the truth.

BitbyDeath1132d ago

This is the guy that created two massive franchises God of War and Twisted Metal, lots of people care to see what masterpiece he creates next.

Palitera1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

^ but now he is doing a trash bin F2P mp only game.

Oh wait, it is exclusive, so it is all cool. smh

I prefer Sony too, but I really hope this fails heavily. F2P and the whatever-shooter trends need to die.

DigitalRaptor1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Indie studio or not, David Jaffe is one of the most prolific game directors in the industry responsible, as BitbyDeath said for 2 grand franchises - one of which is a monumentally awesome game of multiplayer carnage.

Who gave 2 cents about that indie game, Journey? Probably all those folks who awarded it GOTY in 2012, and who bought it making it the highest selling PSN game of all time, at that specific moment in time. A game is a game. You can't predict how big a game will be, particularly not a multiplayer one. There are so many variables.

Because this is free-to-play, it will get a large number of PS4 gamers downloading and trying it from the store, regardless of whether it has the marketing potential of games such as Halo or Uncharted.

@ Palitera

DTD looks unique and as though it has potential in the online multiplayer space. It seems like you are disregarding any game of this sort because of the way it is has been decided to be distributed. That's about as logical as disregarding a game because of its budget.

Gority1132d ago

@Palitera Some people like F2P shooters. You don't? Then don't play it. I don't understand the concept of wishing failure on a game you aren't interested in.

Why o why1132d ago

I dub thee.....

New to gamingalot

Genuine-User1132d ago


I'm sure you don't feel the same way towards team fortress or fable legends.

Ninver1130d ago

You sound like you're hating. Mr Jaffe is a veteran! The game will be fun at worst lol.

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joab7771132d ago

I do think that in a game like this is should depend on the weapon or character right? This is a kids imagination, so depending on the character or weapon, it should differ. Mayne he sees his dad as a tough guy, or himself as the tough guy and his dad as a weakling. Maybe he wants the bully in class to be a glass cannon, but the bully hits real hard. So, maybe bonuses to the players and weapons. This would add a ton of possibilities and replay value also.

Maybe you are better as a glass cannon because your aim is quick and you move fast. Then you have weapons that could make you the ultimate glass cannon, or others that balance you out.

I just think it should have more to do with the world than simply, is the hp draining too fast.

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