Rumor: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Coming to 3DS?

Could another Zelda game be coming to the 3DS?

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MrSwankSinatra1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

That's a bummer because i'd rather have Twilight Princess HD instead of Twilight Princess 3D. We already got two remakes on the 3DS, let the Wii U get some more zelda love. At least it would hold us over for Zelda Wii U.

skyrim1275d ago

I completely agree that would be pretty awesome.

ShinMaster1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Yeah. I was a bit disappointed with the 3DS Xenoblade port. I think I'll just keep my Cube version of Twilight Princess.

However a graphical overhaul of the game, like WWHD on Wii U, would be great.

Shinuz1275d ago

Yeah enough with the remakes already...

XelaKNight1275d ago

@Shinuz I agree there. I am tired of seeing so many remakes but Devs. Its just a way to further milk the product and its just sad because they could be using that time to make a new game.

pivotplease1275d ago

I would like a Skyward Sword remake personally. The game isn't even that old, but since it never became a Nintendo Select title, the only way to get it is on eBay or elsewhere online for like $80. Nintendo needs to stop limiting their prints. I played TP recently (it was okay... far worse than MM, OoT, WW, and LttP though) because it's easily accessible, but SS is basically a rarity now. I wouldn't mind playing it to see if it was better than TP or not. Twilight Princess not toilet paper. Already made that mistake once.

Travis37081275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

100% agree

higgins781275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Make that 200%. A game such as A Link Between Worlds (for example) is a far more interesting proposition. A sequel and homage to a stone cold classic while embracing modern videogame techniques. It always make me laugh when people ask for a 'true' successor to Mario 64. True successor? Weren't SMG 1, 2 and SM3DW good enough sequels that we must always want more of the near same?

Booost1275d ago

I don't see the point in making a wii u version when you can already play the wii version on the wii u

MrSwankSinatra1275d ago

Does it look like I want to play the wii version?

pivotplease1275d ago

I just finished the Wii version on Wii U. Not sure why anyone would want a remaster. It was by far the easiest and most boring Zelda I've played. Terrible, bland overworld and innovations that under-delivered (the wolf, the twilight realm, and the spinner). A remaster would mean better controls I guess, but the game still has no soul and I would never play it again remaster or not.

stragomccloud1275d ago

Agreed. Though I'd buy either one.

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masso91121275d ago

I'd rather have it remastered for Wii U like Wind Waker... It would look gorgeous!

pivotplease1275d ago

Such a great remaster. One of the best looking games I've ever played.

pivotplease1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

The person who disagreed with me has horrible taste in games.

Solid_Penguin-641275d ago

Ah yes the infamous General Disagree. A lone troll who stalks forums, in general disagreeing with everything he comes across. A true pain in the arse.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1275d ago

well to bad. It just a tech demo for wii u.

Pennywise1381275d ago

I'd like them to redo skyward sword in HD for Wii u. It looked awful on my HDTV on Wii and could really do well to have be upgraded. Plus since its designed around motion control it couldn't be done on 3ds. I just want them all released in some form cause I'm trying to play them all in timeline order so I'm OK with twilight princess on 3ds.

higgins781275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Regarding Skyward Sword on you HDTV...probably, but most if not all games for the Wii looked poorer on an HDTV. Try playing Skyward Sword and indeed all Wii games on a good CRT set, you wont be asking for an HD 'remake' after. Its all about the right set up. Hook up a Wii to a good CRT set and each game will look as good as it was always supposed - that is wonderful.

Kevlar0091275d ago

I played Xenoblade on my HDTV for the first time last week. My God did it look terrible. Playing it on a CRT or even the gamepad it looks leagues better. When you play it on HD any smoothing that was there before is gone.

ShinMaster1275d ago

I used component cables instead of the composite ones included with the Wii.

higgins781275d ago

Likewise. Still not nearly the optimum viewing experience - that is via scarf (official) on a good CRT set.

ShinMaster1275d ago

Well I'm using HDMI now. I'm playing my Wii games on my Wii U.

Ultr1275d ago

They can bring everything to their ds system for all I care. I play more on portables than on homeconsoles anyway

Eamon1275d ago

Remaster on Wii U is an instant buy for me. TP joint with OoT are my fav Zelda games.

deadpoolio3161275d ago

They aren't going to remaster anything for the Wii U when they have the NX coming out in 2016...Hence why they are focusing on the 3DS/ New 3DS

Eamon1275d ago

Is it really coming in 2016? That seems a bit early...

Could the next Zelda be a launch title then?

Kalebninja1275d ago

its not coming in 2016, they said we will hear more about it in 2016 its almost definitely in 2017

themonado1275d ago

@Eamon Don't listen to him, please. This dude has been spewing out the same crap about the NX for a while. It's getting old.

Summons751275d ago

It's not coming out until 2018 at least. They only mentioned it and will talk about it because whiners like you would have said Nintendo is dead with the cell phone deal.

Pennywise1381275d ago

I think the NX coming out holiday 2016 is definitely possible if maybe not possible. Remember the original Xbox only had a 4 year life cycle and the standard up until last gen was a 5 year life cycle. Don't get me wrong I love the Wii u and the different variety of games it offers me from what I get with my ps4 but its no secret that from a business standpoint it has overall been a failure and it not going to turn around after almost 3 years on the market. Its a sad truth and Nintendo is going to have to make a big move cause I don't want to see them go the way of Sega.

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Summons751275d ago

I'd be okay with a remaster if it was the GameCube version. The Wii version was aweful.

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