New PlayStation Games for 4/21/2015

Posted by Ryan Clements on Apr 19, 2015 // Social Media Specialist
The Drop:

With mighty ShovelBlade in hand and a yearning for his lost love, the ever-honest Shovel Knight sets out to defeat the Enchantress and overcome the terrible foes belonging to The Order of No Quarter! The critically-acclaimed, retro platformer Shovel Knight is on the way to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. For Shovelry!

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Abash1069d ago

Looking forward to Shovel Knight

greenmiker1069d ago

The same, the game with its retro style is what I am looking for to play next.

ArnoDorian1069d ago

i look forward to ACC the most

oasdada1069d ago

Shovel knight is awesome.. kinda like a 2d demon souls lol

Repjaws1069d ago

Gonna download Shovel Knight for my VITA.

WizzroSupreme1069d ago

Shovel Knight is the best game of the year any year it's released. Best indie game in years.

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