Project CARS Will Certainly Be The Ultimate Racing Experience, Says Dev

Slightly Mad Studios' Ian Bell is certain that Project CARS will be the ultimate racing experience for genre fans.

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Festano1043d ago

I already pre-ordered now that gold has entered phase I can not wait to try.

Chris_Wray1043d ago

I'd love this to be the case, what with it being a game backed by the community and not a core publisher run development. Still, it's had it's delays, we'll have to wait and see!

Imp0ssibl31043d ago

I'm quite hyped for this game, to tell you the truth. Driveclub was good but it ended up being shitty online because of no car damages.

Bobby Kotex1043d ago

I'm just glad all the driveclub screenshot 'news articles' have died down.

SonyWarrior1043d ago

Driveclub had shitty online for lots of reasons a real let down since it was supposed to be all about community racing yet lacked more online features then gt6.

InTheZoneAC1043d ago

driveclub isn't a sim racer

regardless of how it's online went you cannot compare driveclub to this game...ever...other than saying one is an arcade racer and one is a sim racer...

OrangePowerz1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

I pre ordered it, but it is quite a bold claim given that they go up against games like iRacing and similar PC sims and when it comes to racing sims Physics >>>> Graphics. Especially for online we will see how it holds and how they can maintain that without the usual idiots that populate other racing games in online races.

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The story is too old to be commented.