The Monetization of Mortal Kombat X is Gross and Depressing

Hardcore Gamer: "Mortal Kombat X is a fantastic game; we already know that. It plays well, looks great and continues to improve upon the new fighting system established in the previous game, Mortal Kombat, in intelligent ways that keep the experience fresh. It remains one of the best fighting game franchises in years, and it’s one of the oldest, too, a true legacy name in the industry. But times have changed and Mortal Kombat has changed with it, and there’s no better evidence of that than the gross monetization of Mortal Kombat X."

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Majin-vegeta1183d ago

Man I'm a hardcore MK fan.Played every game to date.But I just feel this game is so much backwards.

-Short lame story MK9 was better and longer.
-4 of the new fighters are just combinations of their old parents moves.
-Less stages than MK9
-Patched so you earn less koins
-Goro pre order(Should have been free for everyone who bought the game)
-2 less characters than MK9.

-New characters
-Allow you to try DLC characters even if you dont have them
-Towers awesome addition keep the game fresh
-Faction Wars
-Most Gruesome Fatalities to date

MrSwankSinatra1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I've been a MK fan for years also, but every iteration since MK 4 has been a complete pile of crap. MK 9 was the game that brought it back to the prominence it once had. I pretty much agree with everything you say, but there is one thing I don't. The variation thing is a gimmick imo, instead of making the characters bolster a wide variety of skill sets they basically chose to cut them into three pieces each. I don't agree with that design at all. The one main thing that I do appreciate the most about MKX is that it's much faster. MK3 is my personal favorite, so the speed is much appreciated.

KionicWarlord2221183d ago

Pros in that less outweigh those cons though.

Lets not forget how much smoother the gameplay vs MK9. MKX is definitely geared more for pros.

I cant say the games a step back compared to mk9. Definitely better then mk9.

The visuals as well. Very good visuals and animations.

-MD-1183d ago

MKX is the best game in the series to date, MK9 was great but this surpasses it.

Having a couple less characters or maps means nothing, the cast is more diverse than ever.

700p1183d ago

Agreed, I feel this game is just as good as the last mortal kombat. They're just so many crybabies!!

Dario_DC1183d ago

@Majin-vegeta-Totally agree with your comment and I personally would add

No TagTeam
No Stage fatalities

Better Intros\Outros

In the end I feel this game can't be fully experienced as it is... Maybe the Komplete Edition makes all of the issues seem less important.

maniacmayhem1183d ago

Played for a little bit and I definitely agree. Especially with this point.

-4 of the new fighters are just combinations of their old parents moves.

It's like no real thought went into making these characters separate from their parents. I also hate how a lot of Netherrealm fighting game just lift moves and sounds from their other series. You can see a lot of moves, animations and sounds lifted right from Injustice and put in this game.

Pennywise1381183d ago

I agree with this pros and con's list. Love the game but if I may add a few cons-
-No stage fatalities! That's a MK staple.
-all of the characters from MK9 should be on the roster plus the new ones.
-every character should get a chapter in story mode
-the ps4 error code is maddening and still not fixed
-brutalities shouldn't require so much nonsense to pull off.
-all the menu options and factions and point systems including how many coins you can receive for fighting should be better explained.
-I wish some characters would be saved for unlocking in the krypt. I miss the days of unlocking secret character and not just having to buy them as dlc.

And like the guy below I feel the variations are unnecessary and all moves should just be available at once. Probably sounds like a lot of bitching but overall I really do love the game and the incredible graphics. Especially how great the fatalities and xrays look.

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ValKilmer1183d ago

Honestly, this in combination with Evolve has given me so much anxiety about buying new video games that it's no longer exciting, but a stressful event.

crusf1183d ago

Stop being so dramatic about this. Geez. it's like everyone on N4G has never taken a single business class in there lives. You need money to keep making games simple as that. The industry is so large now that these developers can't keep up with the costs of running a studio with simply charging 60 dollars for a game and that's it. No one is forcing to buy anything it's your choice and your choice alone. Your getting the complete package regardless and 4 characters isn't going to make it "half a game" that's just silly.

robtion1183d ago

You could not be more wrong. There is plenty of money being made. The problem is greed.

ValKilmer1183d ago

That makes absolutely no sense.

MSpence5161183d ago

These are the same people that will complain about a company having to lay off a bunch of their employees due to losing money. Companies have to stay in the black in order to employ people. I don't care for how Evolve did theirs, and if people want to spend THEIR money on something that THEY want, who are we to say anything about it?

rocketpanda1183d ago


What silly excuses. There is nothing wrong with dlc IF done correctly. When it seems you are getting a lesser package than the previous version and bs preorder nonsense to get Goro when he is already an iconic character just to incentive early purchasers without knowing how the final product will be. If you can't see that as a negative trend then you're just a lost cause.

It like when Bioware made the prothian character dlc with Mass Effect 3, which is considered crucial to the overall story.

I could care less how big a studio is, they need to take that into mind when developing games and not use your excuse to push as much dlc or strip a game of components and sell it off later. Work within your means and stop f***ing over the consumer.

spicelicka1183d ago

You're kidding right? You really think microtransactions provide the costs of running a studio??

We have taken a business class and that is exactly why we know what this means. When the demand is high, companies will push as much as they can to maximize profits, and this practice allows them to do it. It's a scheme to coerce players to cash in the extra few dollars which goes right in their pockets. It's not about choice, it's about industry standards. The more we let it happen the worse and worse it's going to get. And then there are people like you defending this crap, at least let other complain for you, it's for your benefit too as a gamer.

Hotabang1183d ago

"no one is forcing you"
makes an update which makes it impossible to grind for 'koins'
its not forced but god damn the ethics of this game is non existent

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Tzuno1183d ago

I will wait for a complete edition, by then maybe they fix their shit with a few patches on PC.

Petebloodyonion1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I don't see the problem here!
Krypt things are easy to unlock compare to ps2 versions of the game.

You can have more then 100 000 Kredits by completing some towers.

Can you unlock everything by paying? yes
But doing it old school is fair if you compare it to older titles.

slate911183d ago

People seriously just want to complain. People heard about the patch reducing koins given and then all logic flew out the window

HammadTheBeast1183d ago

But it's so useless, why are there such pointless and dumb monetizations?

robtion1183d ago

Great article. I wish more reviewers had mentioned just how terrible the DLC and micro-trans in this game are. It's even worse in Australia. $45 for the Kombat Pack? I only paid $69 for the game, how is $45 reasonable for 4 characters?

I think will be returning this game and will pick up a second hand copy of the komplete edition some time in the future.

So sad to see gaming slowly destroyed by rich people running greedy corporations.

spacedelete1183d ago

soon companies will charge for individual modes. want a campaign ? you have to pay extra. want co op ? you have to pay extra. you want multiplayer ? you have to pay extra.

HammadTheBeast1183d ago

$45 for 4 character is that for real? Goddamn.

robtion1183d ago

Yep. $30 to unlock the krypt. So $75 for 4 characters and to unlock the krypt. That's more expensive than purchasing the "full" game.

Thinking that is fair/reasonable is delusional.

crusf1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Blame your country not the studio making the game. Greed? Seriously? There just trying to sustain the company. Screw them for trying to run a business.

robtion1183d ago

I'm not sure if you're trolling or if you just lack common sense?

N0TaB0T1183d ago

Crusf, the reason all of our games release as half-assed bug ridden garbage.

HammadTheBeast1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Oh yes, cause their last game flopped so bad and the devs are on the streets right?

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