Dark Souls II Bug Caused By High Frame Rate Getting Fixed, Developer Says

Bandai Namco says it's working on a fix for the game's weapons durability bug.

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starbuck1161d ago

Thought something was a miss

StrawberryDiesel4201161d ago

That's great news! It makes the beginning of the game tough before you unlock the blacksmith's shop as you have no way to fix a broken weapon. I love From Software. Now fix the frame pacing in Bloodborne please.

DevilishSix1161d ago

Picked up this game but I have not played it yet since I am still engrossed in Bloodborne. I read an article last week talking about a weapons degradation bug that is even worse at higher frame rate. So I am glad I have held off for now but hope the fix comes in by this summer as I will probably start it after I am done with Witcher 3.

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