GTA V CPU Bottleneck Benchmark - 4790K vs. 3570K, FX-9590, 8370, 8320, & More

GamersNexus: "A week of benchmarking behind us, we've now tested most major aspects of Rockstar's new GTA V PC release. We've elected to adopt the game into our test methodology for future component reviews, given its wide performance demands and load balancing between the CPU and GPU. This final GTA V benchmark looks at CPU bottlenecking at various resolutions and settings; we pit the 3570K, 4790K, FX-8320E, FX-8370E, FX-9690, G3258, and Athlon 760K against one another."

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ArnoDorian1069d ago

Dat Graphics on PC they look so clear its making me want to build a gaming pC, if only i had the money for it ;-;

mikeslemonade1068d ago

I have the 4790k. It's the gpu that is the bottleneck. I don't have enough vram to turn everything to the max.

Malphite1068d ago

What graphics card are you using?

hello121068d ago

You need more than 4 gigs of Vram to hit max settings thats a lot more than one single gtx970 has.

kraenk121068d ago


actually on my 970 the biggest factor is MSAA. leave that to 2x and grass on high and you will have a flawless gaming experience on close to max settings. The VRAM isn't the problem, the GPU power is.

hiredhelp1068d ago

Thats cos they are very clear... Despite the downplayed comparison mockups on here.

totalrecoilzz1068d ago

this game is strange i have i5 2500k gtx 780 8gig ramm more than enough for max in this game..but this is why its strange because i can play on the lowest settings and and get 45 fps when driving fast and mostly 60 when walking around having gun battles and all cut scenes are 60 fps...but on the highest gfx settings i still get the same performance i just dont get it.

kevnb1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Because you are completely cpu bound, and I guess none of the settings affect cpu very much.

Perjoss1068d ago

A gtx 780 is not the right card to max gta5, even if you have 4 of them in SLI as gta will only use the vram of your weakest card, which in the case of the 780 is 3 gigs i think.

traumadisaster1068d ago

I'm using [email protected] with a titan. Even with 6 gb of vram, with everything maxed except aa it only uses under 5gb in 1080p60.

I run 4k @30fps with some things turned down still under 5gb usage.

kraenk121068d ago

i got an 2500k at 4,2 GHZ and it runs great and stable with my 970. you should leave MSAA at 2x and lower grass to high and you should be fine.

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Psychotica1068d ago

Only thing bugging me about this game is the sudden drop in FPS which makes it stutter. I am running it @1440p with an i5-2500K,GTX 980 Classified, 16GB RAM and I am averaging around 75FPS with "very high" settings on most and Ultra on Grass. But many times the game will suddenly drop to 45-50FPS for just a second or two then go right back to 75FPS.

bednet1068d ago

Glad to see my old 3570K is still good enough to run this game...sadly my GTX 570 is not.