Mortal Kombat X For PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. PC: Face-Off

How do the PS4, Xbox One and PC version of Mortal Kombat X stack up against one another?

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

This seems more like an opinion peice than a technical analysis.

Off topic: Why hasn't the Digital Foundry face off been posted here yet?

RocketScienceLvlStuf1004d ago

It already has infected. PS4 came out on top.

Septic1004d ago

Yup it did. Better res and framerate.

vishmarx1004d ago

they already did it. ps4>pc>xbox

harrisk9541004d ago


From a multi-platform perspective, the PS4 game clearly leads the way with its native 1080p presentation and solid level of performance during gameplay - outside of the slight judder in story cut-scenes we're looking at a locked 30 and 60fps throughout. Meanwhile, Xbox One holds up reasonably well given the sub-native presentation, although the reduction in horizontal resolution results in poorer image quality and some partial degradation in artwork quality. Performance shouldn't be an issue for more casual players, with its occasional 1-2 frame drops small enough to pass by unnoticed. However, hardcore players will be better served by the PS4's solid frame-rates.

Usually, the PC version of a game manages to brute force its way to the top spot with higher graphics presets, resolutions, and frame-rates compared to consoles. However, this isn't quite the case with Mortal Kombat X. The mild boost in texture decal resolution adds an extra layer of refinement to its visuals, but the game is partially let down by the 30fps performance cap during X-rays and fatalities, which serves little purpose on a constantly evolving platform. Combined with the horrible black crush that effectively ruins the cut-scenes central to enjoying the single-player story mode, this leaves us with the impression we're not getting the best experience. Hopefully High Voltage Software - the studio behind the PC release - can address these issues in a future update, but right now the PS4 game is the best way to take the fight to Shinnok in this new Mortal Kombat.

Spotie1004d ago

So now a bunch of random sites are going to start doing these comparisons? It's bad enough that most of the ones who do it suck at it, already. Do we have to suffer through more crappy attempts?

DougLord1004d ago

Stops to count pixesls, gets head ripped off.

corroios1004d ago

Should not be approved. Old news, every one at n4g already knows this.

Its a 3rd party game and the result is clear.

Shineon1004d ago

Looks good on my PC I dropped frames when I ran on 4gb ram but yesterday I upgraded to 12gb now it's Butta baby!!!

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